Barbara Walters Vociferously Defends Woody Allen Over Sexual Abuse Claims (Video)


During a heated segment on “The View” discussing Dylan Farrow’s New York Times letter that accused Woody Allen of sexual assault, Barbara Walters vehemently defended the director

Barbara Walters fiercely defended besieged film director Woody Allen from allegations by his estranged daughter that he sexually assaulted her when she was a child during Monday’s edition of “The View.” Other “View” panelists tried to argue that Allen’s previous attraction to younger women could give credibility to the claims but Walters shut them down repeatedly.

“I know Mia, I have a good relationship with her,” Walters explained. “But I’ve been with Woody many times with his two daughters, he’s got almost a twenty-year-old marriage…I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, and as loving and as caring as Woody is to his daughters. I don’t know about Dylan, I can only tell you about what I’ve seen now, that it’s a good marriage and that he’s a loving, caring father.”

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“She has nothing to gain in coming out and saying this” Jenny McCarthy countered.

“Supposedly, she’s very angry,” Walters responded. “But she’s doing it now because he’s up for an award, so the question is does your personal life interfere with the award?”

Guest panelist Dana Loesch thought maybe it was the best time to divert attention.

“Or maybe it’s because he’s up for an award!” Walters interjected sharply.

“We’ve heard so many cases where he was the most wonderful person in the world,” Sherri Shepherd argued.

“That’s not what I’m saying!” Walter interrupted.

Watch the heated discussion below:

  • A.

    the saddest part about this story is the daughter and how much pain she is in. Something happened to her, we will probably not know the entire truth but my heart does go out for her, I pray her pain someday heals

  • Myal

    Barbara seems to think her word is gold. If Barbara says Woody is innocent of these charges, then he MUST be innocent! Barbara, you are a silly old foggy headed ding-bat!

  • DS

    I will NEVER shun Woody Allen, his own son is defending him. He lived there and witnessed how going against his mother would garner a wrath that her children had no defense against. I believe that Dylan is telling her truth but I think that it is a lie that her mother put in her head. The truth is we will never know what really happened in that home. I choose to admire a the talent and genius that he is in his craft.
    Furthermore, They completely vetted the situation at the time of the alleged accusations and it was proved that she was not abused.

    • harddazeknight

      Firstly, it was NOT proved that she was not abused. The Yale New Haven Hospital team who wrote the study had been asked to determine if Dylan’s behavior was consistent with having suffered sexual abuse and if she would be a credible witness. The team was not charged with or qualified to conduct a criminal investigation. To report that Allen was innocent was, in itself, indicative in just how skewed the report was. The report, written after a six month study, was foundationally flawed and was accompanied by eye brow raising circumstance. Two of the examiners refused to testify in the legal proceedings and the third examiner, Dr. John Levanthal who would not testify but issued a deposition, never saw or interviewed Dylan or Mia Farrow. Interestingly enough, the notes from the study were destroyed before the lead examiner made the study available. Levanthal, the head examiner, later reversed himself on a salient factor in his findings, to wit; he had concluded that Dylan had trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality because she recalled seeing “dead heads” in the attic and referred to sunset as “the magic hour”. After learning that Mia kept wigs on styrofoam headforms in the attic and that Mia herself referred to sunset as the “magic hour” concluded that perhaps he had been wrong in his assessment.

      To decide that “THEY” completely vetted the situation is shamefully delusional. Woody Allen refused to take lie detector tests administered by the Connecticut State Police but instead took one administered by someone hired by his $1,000 an hour attorney. The courts refused to accept those findings because there were no controls as to who administered the test, what the specific results of the Allen examination[s] were, how many tests were taken, what questions were asked and how each answer was evaluated. Justice Elliott Wilk, the judge who denied Allen custody of Allen’s three children with Mia Farrow, concluded that “Mr. Allen’s behavior toward Dylan was grossly inapproriate and that measures must be taken to protect her.” In fact, court documents show that he was in treatment for what his own therapist described as “inappropriate” behavior with Dylan from as early as 1991. Nannies and babysitters gave testimony that described elements of molestation. If you take time to investigate and understand what happened, the evidence is incontrovertible that Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow.

  • Piquant

    I thought Barbara Walters was disgusting. The tv will be switched to another channel or turned off when she is on.

  • Jozie1958

    Time to retire, Babs; you’re losing it!

  • outraged

    Barbara Walters is not objective or relevant any longer. She constantly has Bill O’Reilly on her show after he has insulted her co-hosts, and was found guilty of sexual harassament of his assistant. She discussed in her book how she had an affair with a married Congressman, yet scolds other women that she interviews as if she, Barbara, is holier than thou!
    It’s been well documented that Woody Allen had an affair with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter when she was a teenager. Mia Farrow found pornographic photos of her daughter on his fireplace mantel. The assault on Dylan took place at Mia’s Connecticut home–it was all over the newspapers at the time. It’s clear that Woody hates women, study his films closely.

  • Charles Freeman

    His first wife was 16 (he was 19), his character in “Manhattan” was in love with a high school student (Mariel Hemingway was 17 during filming) and his current wife, who is over 30 years younger, was his girlfriend’s adopted daughter who helped raised from a young child.


  • Guest

    This is terrible, and if true; if Woody Allen was so blatent with his actions – shame on those who failed Dylan!

  • Fact Police

    Actually, for the state of New York, the age of consent is 17 years of age, with no limited clauses until very recently. I think at the time Allen was dating Stacey Nelkin, I believe New York’s age of consent was 16. So, while socially taboo (he’s never publicly acknowledged his relationship with Nelkin), it was perfectly legal at the time, and I think it would still be perfectly legal, now.

  • TruthSeeker

    I’m am very disappointed in Barbara Walter remarks but not surprise coming from her…It appears that’s she does not know the behavioral of individuals who sexually abuse their children. They are always loving and, caring with their children…….That is written in “every book” describing fathers, mothers, grandfathers etc..who abuse their children.
    That comment I’m sure just adds to the grief of many survivors of child molestation.

  • Rhonda D.

    Not only should all of Woody’s movies be BOYCOTTED, but the irrelevant and biased program, “The View”, needs to be canceled.