‘Breaking Bad’ Shocker: Aaron Paul Reveals … a Three-Way?!!?

'Breaking Bad' Shocker: Aaron Paul Reveals … a Three-Way?!!?

Jesse Pinkman literally gets into bed with his enemy in photo posted online by “Breaking Bad” star

After getting into bed — business-wise — with Walter White to create a meth empire, will Jesse Pinkman end “Breaking Bad” by getting into bed with him literally for a romp with White and his wife Skyler?

Probably not, but that's what “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul — who plays Pinkman in the AMC hit, which is winding its way down to its series finale — seemed to suggest with a photo he posted on Instagram on Friday.

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The image, posted by Paul on Instagram on Friday, depicts Paul, along with his “Breaking” cohorts Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn, under the sheets, with Paul and Cranston smoking ciggies in possible post-coital bliss.

It's probably not a great idea for White to be smoking because, well, you know, his lung cancer returned along with the series this August, but judging from the last episode, he has more immediate health threats to contend with.

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Such as the hail of bullets he was caught in at the end of the episode.

What could Paul's photo suggest about the ending of “Breaking Bad”? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • nick1936

    Nothing wrong with 3 ways they can be fun

    • Lee Stoddard

      I totally agree, it makes for better business, friendships, and breaks down barriers. In my life I have had 3 ways with a former Doctor of mine & his wife,
      A former supervisor at an office I worked at, and a police man & his wife in our city.
      It made me feel more at ease and open to my doctor, we could talk about any problem I had, and no feeling awkward.
      My former supervisor was more calm and accepting at work, and no I didn't expect a promotion or raise, Money that is.
      The police man in our city said it took away a lot of tension and stress and felt he didn't have to be a no emotion rock solid bad ass all the time.
      so why not.

      • nick1936

        Know what you mean the wife and i are more relaxed now

        • Lee Stoddard

          I was raised that you can teach a dog new tricks, no matter the age.
          I gained such great respect for my older more experienced friends Because there was something new they could always show me on the pleasing Of more than one partner at a time.
          My first experience was at the age of 19 w a couple in their 40's Thank you for the response. Good day to you both.

          • ajs1850

            But how can you be in love with your wife if you are into other women? It's kind of an excuse to bang other women without actually cheating.

  • BBFan

    Stupid idea. It would suggest that the creative intelligence of the writers fell apart. The show had a good ending. At some point we have to accept that Mr. White is going to die. What other possibility is there for him? Maybe we can be convinced his ‘soul’ will continue in his pursuit of supporting his family via meth cooking???? Dumb…

    • Becky Mercier

      I think the whole thing is supposed to be a joke bbfan. you took this the wrong way

    • fruzz_86

      you are taking this WAY too seriously…its a joke dude

  • El Guapo

    Everyone is dead. 3 way. Ricin cigarettes. Fade to black.

    • ktkat

      Love this idea. LOL

  • HusseinTheTerrible

    its a joke. duh

  • Phocus Please

    “creative intelligence” = Oxymoron these days. Little of each separately, none if considered together.