Dailies | Ronan Farrow Introduced With Frank Sinatra Song on ‘Colbert Report’ (Video)

Ronan Farrow Introduced With Frank Sinatra Song on 'Colbert Report' (Video)

Was that a reference to MSNBC's host possible daddy?

“The Colbert Report”opted for an interesting musical choice when it came to introducing Tuesday night's guest, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow — “Fly Me to the Moon.”

The love song is sung by Frank Sinatra who may or may not be Farrow's biological father. Questions about the newly minted newsman's parentage came to light in a Vanity Fair profile last year of his mother Mia Farrow. Prior to that, it was believed that his father was Woody Allen, the Oscar-winning film legend who was accused of sexually molesting Ronan Farrow's adopted sister Dylan Farrow while she was a child.

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Mia Farrow told Vanity Fair that she and ol’ blue eyes remained intimate for much longer than the public had assumed. They were briefly married in the 1960s.

For his part, Farrow seemed to take the musical introduction in stride, betraying no hint of annoyance. Nor was that the only reference to fathers.

After Stephen Colbert accused Farrow of being a shill for the left by appearing on MSNBC, the 26-year old host responded, “I could secretly be [a Bill] O'Reilly type. Papa Bear. You are my Papa Bear.”

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  • Cthulu

    Wow, he really is the spitting image of a young Frank. Blonde, but still has the same eyes and facial structure.

    • Art

      I was thinking the same thing! I have a Frank Sinatra poster in my study that I couldn't stop staring at after hearing about this rumor. Might be power of suggestion but it's messing with me. lol

  • Hewhowalkswithhim

    Nope, sorry, he is Woody Allen's son. Otherwise that beacon of honesty Mia Farrow would not have made false allegations that Woody was his dad. Just the same way she could not possibly be lying about Woody molesting her children.

  • Jacks

    Uhm Hewhowalkswithim… Allen is actually MARRIED to one of his adopted daughters, and she and Allen were married when Ronan was born so legally Allen is considered the father unless there is a formal challenge and DNA testing.

    • highcourt

      wrong.. Allen is not the adoptive father of his present wife– soon Yi but Andre Previn.

      • jess

        Allen is the adoptive father of Andre Previn? Wow. What a strange family.

        • highcourt

          huh.. his present wife is soon yi previn which makes her father is Andre previn..
          so what hell are you talking about?

          • jess

            making fun of yo lowzy rightin skillz

            lighten up

    • Ghosty

      Liar! Woody Allen never married Mia Farrow. Get your facts straight.

  • Mortrefuge

    Have any of you considered the possibility that Mia Farrow is really Frank Sinatra's daughter?

    • highcourt

      no.. as Sinatra was Mia;s first husband,

  • MaryMitch

    I caught the song and actually gasped. I think it was a pretty tacky way to treat a guest, and I wonder if it was Colbert's idea.

    • joao cesar

      It's part of the ”12 year ”family” from 1980-92 that Woody Allen shattered” that doesn't make much sense when inspected closely, as it doesn't make much sense to be lying about paternity and shagging old blue eyes.

  • Filthy Harry

    I caught that too. I tried to think if the song itself might have some significance before deciding that Colbert was sticking it to him for whatever reason.

  • Jill Friedman

    Woody Allen was never legally married to Ronan's mother Mia Farrow, but they were in a 12-year relationship during which he was born. He has always been considered Woody's son. Woody Allen is married to Mia's daughter/Ronan's sister, Soon Yi Previn.

    • highcourt

      Mia gave an interview to People mag when she was promoting the Omen..she stated she doesn't see Soon yi as her daughter anymore.

  • GetReal

    Who cares who was legally whom and who's his own grandpaw? The allegation that Woody molested an unwilling and innocent child outweighs anything else.