Michael Wolff Slams Ronan Farrow On CNN: He’s ‘Never Had A Paying Job’

The Vanity Fair contributing editor questioned the authenticity of Dylan Farrow’s letter accusing Woody Allen of sexual abuse

Vanity Fair editor Michael Wolff faced off against a panel of skeptical pundits and claimed Mia Farrow “quite possibly” had coached Dylan Farrow into writing the letter accusing Woody Allen of sexual abuse on a particularly heated episode of AC 360 Later on Monday night.

Wolff also took a shot a Ronan Farrow saying “he had never had a paying job” prior to the October 2013 Vanity Fair article that featured the family speaking out about the scandal.

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Legal expert Sunny Hostin explained to Anderson Cooper that no charges against Allen were filed because the prosecutor wanted to spare the child the trauma despite evidence of probable cause.

“Absolutely untrue!” interjected Wolff. “You just have to read virtually everything about this, there was no finding of probable cause. Quite the opposite!”

“That’s what the prosecutor said,” Hostin countered.

“You just haven’t done your reading!” Wolff sniped at Hostin.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow was curious about Wolff’s theory. “What is her motivation now?” he asked.

“It’s very interesting,” Wolff replied. “That’s all we know, it’s a media storm!”

Check out the video above.