‘Covert Affairs’ Star Chris Gorham Talks Helen: ‘Annie and Auggie Were on a Break!’ (Video)

The actor talks the USA show's recent romantic turn and the fans reactions on this episode of TheWrap's “Drinking With the Stars”

Fans were blowing up Twitter after last Thursday's episode of USA Network's “Covert Affairs.”

As Auggie (Chris Gorham) and Annie's (Piper Perabo) estrangement continues this season, Auggie's ex Helen (Michelle Ryan), who was dead and then not, re-entered the picture and the exes — um, spoiler alert — reignited the romantic flame.

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“Listen, let's be clear! Annie and Auggie were on a break,” Gorham told TheWrap‘s Senior TV Writer, Jethro Nededog, during the latest episode of Drinking With the Stars.

“Auggie is in a very vulnerable, emotional place,” he later added. “And she really kind of opened up in more ways than one [laughs]. They end up sleeping together, which Auggie instantly regrets.”

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The fandom went nuts with thoughts of how that would affect Auggie and Annie's relationship and Gorham says his Twitter feed “exploded.”

Find out what he thinks is the silver lining in the situation. Watch the interview above.

“Covert Affairs” airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

  • Bashful

    The fact that there was an interview done about this one topic to justify what Auggie did proves even more that Auggie shouldn't have done it. That kind of behavior isn't acceptable, whether they were on a break or not, especially when Auggie claims to love Annie, and it was clear Annie wanted to get back together with Auggie. The excuse that Auggie was vulnerable doesn't hold up. Annie's more vulnerable than Auggie right now and she's not sleeping around. Come on, Covert Affairs. You're better than this. Don't justify Auggie's big mistake and make it seem like it's okay because it's not. Auggie had a choice. He may be vulnerable but he should have some sense of morality and have enough respect for Annie to be loyal to her. Please drop all these teenage-like angst elements and get back to being a spy show. It's costing you viewers and low ratings.