Fox News Stands By Its Benghazi Reporting

Fox News Stands By Its Benghazi Reporting

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Some of the network's reports used Dylan Davies/Morgan Jones’ account, which “60 Minutes” is now correcting

While “60 Minutes” has apologized for and admitted that its Benghazi report that used the supposed “eyewitness” account of British security officer Dylan Davies was a mistake, Fox News, which also used Davies’ account in its stories about the attack, says it is standing by its Benghazi coverage.

“We stand by our reporting on Benghazi, and given what is still unknown, we anticipate further fact finding from those who know the truth about what took place on 9/11/12,” said Michael Clemente, executive vice president of news at Fox News.

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley said on Oct. 28 that “60 Minutes'” main source, Dylan Davies (who used the pseudonym “Morgan Jones”), was also a source for Fox News’ reporting on the attack. Fox News has not said how many of Davies’ accounts were used in its coverage.

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“Some of our reports for last fall included this '60 Minutes” witness’ account,” Housley said. “What [Davies] does do in his '60 Minutes’ appearance last night is once again kind of reaffirm the fact that this attack was vicious. That is was pre-planned. That they knew from the very beginnings of this attack this was not some random situation, this was a pre-planned attack.”

Housley said that though he had spoken to Davies on the phone “a number of times,” but that Fox News ended its communication with him when he asked for money.

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Davies claimed that he witnessed the attack on the American diplomatic mission and saw the body of slain ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, but in an incident report he gave to his employers and the account he gave to the FBI he said wasn't there. When the FBI report was made public on Thursday, CBS began to withdraw its report. On Friday, “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan told “CBS This Morning” that “we made a mistake” in the report and it would be corrected on Sunday's show.

Davies is the author of a book about the attack that claims to be an eyewitness account. The book was published by Simon and Schuster, which is owned by CBS.

Simon and Schuster did not respond TheWrap's multiple requests for comment.

  • donkaye

    Of course Fox stands behind it, just like they stand behind all their bullshit and propaganda,.

    • Stuart W

      Donkaye,-You ably represent the clear-thinking, West-coast public! Just like we've heard nothing resembling truth from the present administrations “misspeaking” on Obama-Care; IRS* malfeasance (*the outfit tasked with keeping the ACA books); the Associated Press columnist receiving a subpoena from the DOJ; Fast & Furious etc. Even the ever-reliable NY TIMES is getting the picture and asking some serious questions as to just what the hell is happening in Obama's brave, new, transparent, red,white and blue Washington World. Oh yeah, don't believe it to be Fox News spending +700 million smackers for an internet system that with a 3.5 year start… still doesn't work. Oh yeah, its the U.S. taxpayers going to pay for that administrative gaffe. Certain good-old Donkaye anxious to chip in.

  • brucey

    Just remember the Fox News slogan, “WE REPORT, YOU VERIFY!!!”.

  • Jerryden

    Good, keep standing by your false, wrong and idiotic reporting Fox News

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  • aidan

    yes because we know cbs, nbc, abc cnn and msnbc never alter reports! They are not responsible for inflaming travon martin, just played tapes of Zimmerman saying he is black. Did not play the whole sentence so they could inflame the whole issue. Also doctored videoso zimmermans injuries could not be seen

  • Devil dog

    I think they meant to call it Faux News. Neither Fair , and for the UNbalanced.