Dailies | Jennifer Lopez Drops F-Bomb Live on ‘American Idol’ (Video)

Jennifer Lopez Drops F-Bomb Live on 'American Idol' (Video)

Fox censors the “American Idol” judge

Jennifer Lopez blurted out the F-word on Wednesday night's “American Idol,” after becoming flustered with Harry Connick Jr.‘s incessant teasing.

Lopez was critiquing contestant Jena Irene's performance when Connick Jr. began taunting her about her hair flip.

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The pop singer had advised Irene to flip her hair around and proceeded to give a demonstration.

“Do that again!” Connick Jr. exclaimed. “I feel another hair flip coming on!”

“No!” Lopez protested but the crooner continued to nag her.

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“Hair flip! Hair flip!” he chanted.

J. Lo was so flustered she cursed, but then immediately realized she was on live television and grabbed her mouth in shock.

Fortunately, the Fox censors bleeped her in time.

“That's Jenny From The Block!” said Connick Jr.

Watch the clip:

  • Jim

    Ain't gonna help the ratings.

  • Ed Galo

    What did everyone expect, if the public doesn't know Jlo by now, just Google, there's 20 years of her life history?

  • R.D. Bone

    JLo is THE triple threat-her and Harry could almost save Idol-Keith is pretty awesome too but Mariah really almost took the show down so it will be like Obama saving America after 8 years of Bush-it's obvious why MeMe and Kim K are literally carving themselves in little pieces to try and look like her-but you could smash those 2 fat loser wanna bees together and still come up short of JLo and her natural beauty-plus JLo can act -actually do it well-go JLo