Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids to Resolve the Shutdown (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids to Resolve the Shutdown (Video)

Segment airs as the government reopens — coincidence?

Jimmy Kimmel turned to children to explain the government shutdown, and this is what he learned:

“The government should step it up and stop being little crybabies and make up their mind.”

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Those words of wisdom, from 6-year-old, Southern-accented Braxton (his pronunciation of “mind” is adorable) came during a new “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment called “Kids Table.”

What do kids tend to focus on most in the shutdown? Parks being closed. Kimmel also addresses complex issues like how the president's name is spelled, and what to do about our debt to China.

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Interestingly, the end of the shutdown came soon after Kimmel aired the kids’ segment. The power of the youth vote in action?

Watch the video:



  • Jess

    loved it! lmao!

    • Peter_T

      except for the “kill all chinese” comment

  • Mao

    what the children say, what the adults think

  • Frank

    I was very disturbed by Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kids Table’ show. It was aired
    on ABC recently and talked about killing all the Chinese so that the states
    do not need to pay back their debts to China. The kids might not know
    anything better. However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC’s management are adults.
    They had a choice not to air this racist program, which promotes racial
    hatred. The program is totally unacceptable and it must be cut. A sincere
    apology must be issued. It is extremely distasteful and this is the same
    rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut
    the show and issue a formal apology.

  • Yi

    this is not a problem of the kids, this is the mindset of the fucking racist adults!!!

  • Tao

    jimmy kemmel, SHAME ON YOU,

  • Sean

    This is disgusting!!! Although the kids might not know better, it is unethical for this network to air such racist comments promoting hatred against another human race. Shame on ABC.

  • Jack2000

    Jimmy Kimmel's is a such a nasty person and he's not funny any more – He's a Nazi in his soul. I will NEVER watch any of his shows in the future.

  • Dex

    Shame on ABC.

  • David

    ABC broadcast this message which promote hatred and racism, ABC and JImmy Kimmel should feel shame of themself. Is this the way we educate our young children? Shame on them!

  • karl

    Shame on ABC and American education !

  • PaNda

    How is the comment about killing all the Chinese remotely funny?
    If the kid said something along the lines of kill all black people, there'd be an uproar. serious horse sh*t here. the kid and the kid's parents should die and all those condoning this behavior should die, then there wouldn't be this racist BS anymore, right?

  • mei

    This is NOT funny, and wanting to kill someone if you owe him money is NOT a joke, it's a SHAME. Not to mention killing a country of people. Nazi? How exactly does this sick idea came into their little minds? Who likes watching children talking about killing and being killed. I'm disgusted.

  • jj

    Jimmy Kimmel should be fired, PERIOD.

  • Dr. Hitler

    USA is one more step close to Nazi state. nothing unexpected.

  • Sammi

    Disgusting! Killing a whole nation is NOT an interesting idea, especially it comes from a child! It is racialism and fascism!

  • dllzf

    I am glad the kid doesn't have any power for now. Cause if he does, we will see another Hitler in the States. This is not something you want to air on TV, not funny!

  • Daniel Wu

    Not funny at all, Jimmy Kimmel should be fired

  • Richard

    I was bit shocked about this show! This is definitely a simple joke, it is way beyond of comedy: it is racism!. This is something coming out from the deep mind of a small portion of people. Apparently, Chinese is the target at this show, but the potential objectives could be any minority in this states: Asian, Hispanic, African American … I feel so sad about this about things like this HAPPENED, STILL HAPPENING and WILL CONTINUE HAPPENING to different minorities till such kind of culture changed through many generations. At this point, a simple apology is not enough at all. A wide campaign is needed to educate people from different classes and backgrounds.

  • jie liu

    It is really disgusting. Using a kid to spread such an offensive opinion is really low. I am astonished at the words ‘allow to live'. I cannot imagine such an offending video can be allowed to air. Fire Jimmy Kimmel!

    • Samuel

      It's too dirty! Terrible!!!

  • Boycott ABC!

    Jimmy Kimmel and ABC, shame on you! We all know it's you adults using the kids’ mouths to speak out your dirty evil minds. You are all Nazi!

    • Fire Jimmy K

      Shame on Jimmy Kimmel and ABC. Jimmy K should be fired!

  • Justin

    I was outraged by Jimmy Kimmel's ‘Kids Table’ show. I totally agreed the previous id “mao” said: what the children say, what the adults think. Jimmy Kimmel's behavior is against the human equality by attacking the Chinese community using 4 innocent children. How disgusting Jimmy Kimmel is. He must be fired by ABC and must apologize in public. It's a huge shame to ABC. It's not a joke at all!!!

  • J WANG

    jimmy kemmel, SHAME ON YOU

  • Tommy

    This is no longer funny, it crossed the border line and should be banned from broadcasting, shame on ABC.

  • Concerned

    It is obvious that such a comment is not a joke at all! It promotes violence, racism, irresponsibility, disrespect and hatred in the society and especially among children. ABC should be responsible for planting such disrespectful idea in children!

  • jeb smith

    They asked a kid a question and the kid gave a kid answer and Jimmy politely said “that's interesting” a bland comment to the kid, something you might say to a kid, even saracastically to a kid but still polite when they say something ridiculous. For Chinese people to become upset means they are insanely oversensitive and defensive and have zero self esteem. They also sound like loud quacking ducks when they talk. Hey Chinese people! You're idiots!

    • snm

      You are so proud of spelling Kimmel correct! But you lost the basic common sense! May be deep inside you are racist too.! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    • Daisy Amirkiai

      Jet smith,
      You will be banned to go to china and any chineses communities and any asian restaurants. You are a white trash that deserves to be thrown to garbage can.

  • jeb smith

    Hey Chinese idiots: it's Kimmel not Kemmel. Learn how to spell. The spelling is in the article. You likey to say wordy Nazi. ching chong ching! Moron quacking ducks! Go work for 2 cents an hour and makey me iphoney!

    • Daisy Amirkiai

      You are one stupid racist. Watch out the karma!