Dailies | Jon Stewart: Sean Hannity Doesn't Mind the Government Shutdown, Why Should We? (Video)

Jon Stewart: Sean Hannity Doesn't Mind the Government Shutdown, Why Should We? (Video)

“The Daily Show” host skewers Republican claims that Obamacare is one of the most insidious laws ever created

Jon Stewart said the American public should be fine with the government shutdown because Fox News host Sean Hannity doesn't think the it's a big deal.

“How bad can it be if it doesn't effect Sean Hannity?” Stewart said. “It's not like they shut down Smith & Wollensky for private events. That would really by f***ed up. Or closed our nation's strategic flag graphic reserves. Or if [Fox News chief] Roger Ailes instituted a no grunting policy in the Fox men's room.”

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“The Daily Show” host was at his most barbed on Tuesday night, skewering Republican congress members for closing government offices and national monuments and hindering drug research and other federal services in an effort to delay the implementation of President Obama's new healthcare law.

Labeling the action “the tireless efforts of a few brave House Republican morons,” Stewart showed footage of GOP congressman Todd Rokita calling Obamacare one of the most insidious laws ever created by man.

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“Not just one of the most insidious laws ever created by America ,which has Jim Crow and slavery on its resume of laws, but by man, putting Obamacare up with the Nuremberg laws, the Spanish Inquisition and prima nocta, the Medieval law where on your wedding night the king gets to sleep with your wife,” Stewart quipped.

Watch the video:

  • Harvey

    good for Jon Stewart! Both Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity were yelling from their rooftops that the Government Shutdown was no big deal–and then it happens and Sarah is pissing her pants because the World War II memorial was closed because of the Shutdown and she blames Obama. If there was a way to blame Obama for the extra chromosome of her youngest son, you just know that the Quitter from Wasilla would give it a try.

  • larry wheeler

    right wingers used to just be all whipped up about the commies ,but now without that big evil doer around to feed them their red meat- they turn “internally” find a new boogie man and away these right wing pundits go. -this all goes back to the john birch society and joe McCarthy -back then financed by texas oilman hl hunt. now they got fox news and talk radio feeding the little guy the evil govt. line, when in reality the govt is the only thing that will step up to protect their rights . both in the hospital and out.

    • Randall Toomey

      Did you just call the prez “a new…”? Racist.

      • larry wheeler

        are you equating the word “boogie man” as rascist? it's obvious the context I used the word was meant as an attack on rightwingers who historically and presently are rascists. I edited my post so the word boogie man does not give rightwingers any ammunition.

  • Paul

    Snivel & whine- that's been the right-wing strategy since McCain/Palin got beat. get over it, democracy works..

  • disqus_p6hJ2yoKYN

    So how do the Republicans like that “government shutdown is no big deal” now?