Dailies | Jon Stewart Slams '60 Minutes’ for Pseudo-Apology on False Benghazi Report (Video)

Jon Stewart Slams '60 Minutes' for Pseudo-Apology on False Benghazi Report (Video)

“The Daily Show” host asks what the world is coming to when you can't trust an “international mercenary”?

“60 Minutes” is reeling from a controversial report on the Benghazi terrorist attack that included a false eye-witness account from security officer Dylan Davies, and Jon Stewart is not above taking a few pot shots of his own at the hallowed news brand.

“The Daily Show” host noted that there were a few problems with Davies account — namely that despite his dramatic story about battling a terrorist and seeing a dying Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the security officer was not present at the U.S. compound.

“He made the whole thing up…ha, burn,” Stewart said Tuesday. “Which '60 Minutes’ sort of acknowledged on Sunday night.”

He noted that the news magazine apologized last weekend for airing the false report, but indicated that issues arose after the “60 Minutes” aired its blockbuster story when reports surfaced that Davies had relayed a different story of his movements on the night of the attack to his supervisor and to the FBI.

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“We thought of raising the ‘is this true?’ question before airing these explosive allegations, but it's such a pain in the ass to check and what if it was bulls— and then we've got these 10 minutes to kill,” Stewart said, channeling the news program's brass.

After all, he noted that there was little in Davies’ resume that would have given reliable news organizations pause before broadcasting his story.

“If you can not trust an international mercenary existing in the netherworld twixt assassin and bounty hunter whose very livelihood is predicated on the flexible morality needed to survive in the chaos and lawlessness of failed nations, who can you trust?” Stewart said. “It's like finding out Santa isn't real.”

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  • DCGirl

    What I don't understand is that this horrible event happened and there was not enough security. They had been asking for it; that is proven. People died and they should not have. Jon Stewart should apologize for THAT. How dare him! Look at the photos that are out there!!! Those are the FACTS!!! You are an idiot, Jon Stewart!

    • Roy Batty

      Jon Stewart, a television personality with a satirical news program, should apologize for an American ambassador being murdered by a terrorist? Why don't you apologize to your mother for shaming her by spreading your idiocy. And adjust your tinfoil hat. It's crooked.

      • Pete

        I think we all realize he's a comedian by trade but after 14 years of sitting back and criticizing the media, isn't it time for him to step up and show how hard news is done? It's too easy to just sit back and criticize the work of others when you yourself are too scared to do anything resembling hard news. I mean if delivering hard factual news is so easy why doesn't Jon do it?

  • cltaylor

    We Love You Jon !!!!

  • omegaman

    Stewart's a moron.

  • Comp User

    Benghazi,,,,Isn't that another one of the disasters Obama has been hoping will go away? “What difference does it make” was Hilary's question? And she ran for president? What difference does it make if her husband has sex with an intern? If you like your policy you can keep your policy, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor! And these people have been running the country??? Not very well and Not for long….