‘Murder, She Wrote’ Reboot With Octavia Spencer Gets NBC Put Pilot Commitment

Octavia Spencer Visits "FOX & Friends"

Spencer plays a self-published novelist who gets into lots of trouble

NBC has given a put pilot commitment to a re-imagining of “Murder, She Wrote” with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer taking over for Angela Lansbury as a writer who solves mysteries.

Written by “Desperate Housewives” executive producer Alexandra Cunningham, it’s described by NBC as a “light, contemporary procedural, in the vein of ‘Bones’ or ‘Fargo.'”

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Spencer, who won the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for “The Help,” will play a hospital administrator who self-publishes her first mystery novel. Her fascination with true crime leads to her solving murders herself.

David Janollari (“Six Feet Under”) will executive-produce the series. The put pilot commitment means NBC will have to pay a penalty if the pilot does not air.

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The original “Murder, She Wrote” ran for 12 seasons on CBS.


  • angela’smygirl




  • Mr Ripley

    Either NBC is too stupid or to ratings hungry or both to realize that Ironside got cancelled becuase no one wanted it. The show sucked as will no doubt this version as well. Why do the networks follow Hollywood in reboot or re-inventing past tv shows into failures… Spent countless millions on shows no one cares to see.. Angela Landsbury should write NBC and protest…

    • hupto

      Actually, Angela has said she’s okay with it. And as a producer of the original series, she’ll collect a nice paycheck every week for doing nothing.

  • A.L. Hern

    I guess the just-cancelled “Ironside” wasn’t a big enough exercise in corporate head-banging (as in against a wall) for NBC to get the idea that resurrecting old series (with, I hate to say it, African-American leads) may be a squandering of time, energy and network reputaton.

  • Garry

    WHY??? You know this will fail BIG TIME! They have no ideas so they bring back HIT shows from the past and ruin them! Yep…IDIOTS!!