NBC Sports Hits Back At Olympic Tape Delay Critics: ‘It Just Doesn't Matter!’

NBC Sports Hits Back At Olympic Tape Delay Critics: 'It Just Doesn't Matter!'

NBC Sports chairman defended the extensive edits made to the Olympic opening ceremony

NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus fired back at criticism of the network's controversial tape delay policies and defended the decision to edit 15 minutes from the opening ceremony, most notably an anti-discrimination message from IOC president Thomas Bach.

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“He repeated his message several times in different ways throughout that speech, we edited for time and time only,” Lazarus hit back. “His message was that of tolerance, anti-discrimination inclusion and we fully support for the IOC's reviews on these issues. I continue to believe, having now been in the stadium to watch Opening Ceremonies and watching it on television, that historical, cultural context and relevance make it a more enjoyable and informative experience.”

NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel also weighed in, dismissing concerns by sports media critics like Deadspin that the Olympics shouldn't be tape delayed.

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“Look, you cannot go nine hours and not hear about results but apparently, for most viewers, it just doesn't matter,” Wurtzel exclaimed. “Forty-four percent said they heard results on Saturday prior to Sunday but it had no impact. In fact, over one third said it made them more interested in the games and only 15 percent said knowing them — the results — made them less interested.”



  • Benjamin Roussey

    Why are they profiling Canadian athletes?

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • Leah

    Well, for the most part, we are asleep when these games are going on (complain in 2016 if those games aren't broadcast live). Unless you wake up to watch a live event it's going to be “tape-delayed” if you do watch it. Some events are live on other channels just not the main NBC one. You can watch any event live on the internet. I don't understand the complaining. I think some people just like to complain.

  • pinkywithabrain

    @benjaminroussey:disqus every Media outlet in the world profiles other countries athletes… it's an international competition, meant to bring the world together, tell the stories of the world's greatest athletes, not just American ones. If you want stories of only US athletes, change the channel.

  • trajan2448

    NBC is the worst Olympic coverage of any country I've been to. In Europe they have 3 channels, sometimes 4, playing all events 24 hours a day. Not just the athletes from their own country. They don't interrupt every 60 seconds with commercials. Also the NBC web site was designed by an idiot. The streaming video they offer is useless.