Newsweek Bitcoin Writer Slams Tina Brown: ‘I Have A Problem’ With Her Comments

Newsweek Bitcoin Writer Slams Tina Brown: 'I Have A Problem' With Her Comments

Leah McGrath Goodman responded to the former Daily Beast/Newsweek editrix over her response to the Bitcoin cover story controversy

Leah McGrath Goodman, author of the controversial Newsweek Bitcoin cover story, hit back at former Daily Beast and Newsweek editor Tina Brown for questioning the magazine's reporting.

“I find her comments not to be very friendly to Newsweek,” Goodman contended. “I have a problem with the way she spoke about it.”

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Newsweek unmasked the person it claimed created the digital currency, Bitcoin, when it resumed printing this week after a 14 month hiatus. The problem is the man in question, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, told the press that the story was incorrect and media critics have criticized Goodman's evidence is weak. There's also the nasty issue of whether or not it was ethical for Goodman to expose someone who wished to remain anonymous.

Earlier on Friday, Brown laughed about Newsweek's predicament with the story and said it would be “rough” if her old publication's cover story about Bitcoin turned out to be wrong.

“All I can think of is I'm so glad I'm not the editor!” Brown cackled.

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“There's a a back story to that and she knows there is one,” Goodman responded.

Bloomberg TV's Tom Keene questioned why Goodman was certain she had found the right man, given his denials.

“His whole background according to those closest to him was that which would inform the sort of coding that would be required for Bitcoin,” Goodman explained.

“There are 10,000 people that are described by what you said,” Keene pressed. “What are the attributes he displayed that lead you to connect the dots that he invented Bitcoin?”

“His career history,” Goodman argued. “If 10,000 people fit all the attributes we looked at, I'd like to talk to those people because I did not find there were 10,000.”

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  • moomistercowman

    “His whole background”? Leah McGrath Goodman implies that she employs high caliber cryptographers, computer scientists and mathematicians on her research staff?

  • omegaman22

    Hahahah Goodman's a clown.

  • Jacob Jones

    Can you imagine being the editor?.. My God, after 15 months of “reorganization,” and to get the very 1st cover story 100% wrong (if indeed that is the case).. This reporter's career is in the balance, here..

  • Vaporknight

    “There's also the nasty issue of whether or not it was ethical for Goodman to expose someone who wished to remain anonymous.”

    Seriously? All the media does is try to expose peoples’ private lives.

  • Socrates1998

    They ruined an honest man's privacy just to sell magazines. Greed trumps truth for Newsweak and Goodman.

    Newsweak and Goodman have created a situation where it is almost impossible for them to be wrong and have used horrible ethics to get there.

    Since the real SN doesn't want to be revealed, they aren't risking him coming out and saying “I am the real Bitcoin developer.” other than his anonymous denials on his previous online accounts, which don't prove anything.

    They probably know Dorian can't prove he isn't the real person, so they aren't risking that either. It would be almost impossible for Dorian to prove that he isn't an anonymous person on the internet.

    Newsweak are in a situation where they know it is highly unlikely they can be proven wrong, so that is why they did it. I hope they go bankrupt before they ruin more people's lives.

  • Neal Palmquist

    Poor Newsweek…
    Sabotaged from within… by a bitter opponent… The Onion.