Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: 50 Bags of Heroin Found in Apartment (Reports)

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: 50 Bags of Heroin Found in Apartment (Reports)

Actor had entered detox program last year after suffering a relapse

Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s New York apartment contained approximately 50 bags of heroin at the time of his death on Sunday, according to multiple media reports.

Investigators also found used syringes and prescription drugs in the home of the 46-year-old “Capote” star, ABC News said Monday. TMZ also reported that approximately 50 packets of heroin were found, citing police sources.

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A New York Police Department spokesman told TheWrap that police responded to a 911 call at approximately 11:36 a.m., and found Hoffman unconscious and unresponsive while lying on the bathroom floor, but did not confirm the presence or quantity of heroin. Emergency Medical Services pronounced Hoffman dead at the scene.

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Police are still investigating the death and are awaiting a report from the Medical Examiner, which could come early this week, to determine what direction the investigation will take next. Hoffman's autopsy had been scheduled for Monday.

Hoffman, who had spoken candidly about his history of addiction and had claimed to have been clean for decades, entered a detox program last year after relapsing.

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The actor is survived by his girlfriend Mimi O'Donnell and three children.

  • tim

    great guy…yes sir…just shooting a little dope before going out with the kids that's all..

    • Dex

      great guy…way to be a judgemental prick – you obviously know nothing about the nature of addiction

      • Matthew Roeter

        Great response, I back it up 100% I am a heroin addict in recovery. you can not understand unless you have been there. Plus with him, even harder, with a big bank account. And New York dope can be inconsistent in purity. Just a tad to much of good stuff can and will kill you, God be with him and his family.

        • Justsayno

          You are correct, MANY people don't know a thing about addiction, because they haven't been addicted to anything. Why? Because they are intelligent enough NOT to try any substance to which they could become addicted!! And to make excuses for his death based on the “inconsistencies of the purity” of heroin in the Big Apple, or just not knowing your limit of “the good stuff” is preposterous. There is NO good stuff. It's all poison. Don't start. Don't try it. No problem. I have NO sympathy for him or any other drug loser, I mean “user”. I feel sorry for his family and his children. God gave him life, and immense talent, and this is what he did with it – brilliant.

          • JennyP

            Right, you avoid ANYthing to which you could become addicted, including: alcohol, coffee, fast food, poker, soda, sex, exercising… Newsflash, you can become addicted to almost anything. Matthew Roeter, congrats on getting clean, and ignore this asshole

          • Jaime

            You are so right Jenny and I grew up around a lot of drug addicts in my family and my significant other has been in recovery for 27 years. I never developed the addictions to the substances they all had but I did with others like coffee and chocolate. Addiction is more of a health issue that is seriously misunderstood by most people and statements like the one made by justsayno is largely based on ignorance and a lack of education about these issues. Those are very misinformed statements. We really don't know what our addictions are until we actually develop an addiction to something. In the case of PSH, it was heroin. Once you develop an addiction, whew it is a hell of a ride trying to break it! RIP PSH.

    • poopoo

      He was reportedly cold when they found him. So he shot up a little (well, lot of) dope most likely the night before.

  • a. trehern

    Sad, useless end to human life!

    • reach out touch some one

      dex really, calling someone a prick shows that you must be one yes.
      50 bags or more was it enough,some kid on a street corner made more money then hia father could earn in a month. the cartel is winning the war on drugs.states are fighting to legalise drugs for the revenue nice huh dex,
      they will blow the money and when all is said they will still be broke.
      some guy just died living under a bridge o . deed on some thing
      everyday. the punishment must fit the crime yes. new laws, don,t need more inforce current laws.
      prey dex for your soul, for god is in us all if he believed in god he would still be here. i hope you dex have a band aid big enough to cover your mouth.

      • Matthew Roeter

        Mellow out man, this is America, land of the free, well at least for a little while longer, that's another story, oh God help me. Anywho, this country still has this thing called Freedom of speech. Let God do his job, and you do yours,,,,,,yes?.

        • Avril111

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          • Matthew Roeter

            sorry but what does this have to do with me, sweetie?.

      • jaybenz

        I don't see the relation between fearing God and being an addict..I'm in recovery and I've always believed in God.

      • courtney phillips

        st make u hurt other people in the process Just cause someone is an addict does not mean they don't believe in god. u sure don't act like u believe I'm god with ur judgemental attitude. addicts are not bad people they are addicts who need help to het over their addiction just like people get addicted to food and cigarettes and many other thinfs. everyone in this life is addicted to something whetherit he tv, cleaning, shopping etc only difference is drugs are extremely bad and deadly and take control of ur life well every addiction again whether it be tv shopping food working out takes control of ur life drugs just make u hurt other people in the process