Philip Seymour Hoffman ‘Seemed High,’ Took Out $1,200 From Supermarket ATM Before Death, CNN Says

Philip Seymour Hoffman 'Seemed High,' Took Out $1,200 From Supermarket ATM Before Death, CNN Says

Oscar-winning actor's final hours re-traced

Philip Seymour Hoffman seemed high to his former partner and took out $1,200 in cash from a New York City supermarket ATM on the night before his death, CNN reports.

Hoffman was found dead Sunday of an apparent drug overdose. He was 46.

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Thenetwork's reconstruction of the Oscar-winning actor's final hours said he was talking with two men wearing messenger bags as he made the withdrawals between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday.

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A spokesman for the New York City Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment. An investigation into Hoffman's death is ongoing.

Hoffman's former partner and the mother of his three children, Mimi O'Donnell, reportedly told law enforcement officials that she saw the actor near his West Village apartment on Saturday afternoon and spoke to him that night. Both times he appeared high, CNN reports.

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Paul Pabst, “Dan Patrick Show”s’ producer, said Monday that he and his sister ran into Hoffman in Greenwich Village on Saturday. They said hello to the actor, who they only knew from his work on screen. He acknowledged them.

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“My sister said to me, in the moment, not in hindsight, she goes, ‘wow, he looked wasted,” Pabst said. “And I looked at her and I go, ‘yeah, he seemed kind of out of it.'”

Police also reportedly asked the manager of a Village grocery store that Hoffman visited that night if there is any video surveillance of the actor, but none existed. Hoffman, looked “gray” while buying soda and toiletries at 10:30 that night, Fox News reports.

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  • Jim


    I thought the maxium, per day, was $300 in cash from ATM.

    • spaz

      you can chance your daily limit

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  • Badonkadonkdonk

    What a terrible waste of brilliant talent.

  • rod

    Wait…isn't there a ‘limit’ on cash withdrawals from any ATM?

    • OC

      I don't have a limit as long as I have the money, but not more than $500, I think, at a time.

    • MoneyBags

      My limit is $5,000, but you have to take some extra verification steps to set it up this way. I'm sure someone as wealthy as Hoffman wouldn't have a problem having a limit over $1200. Also, a lot of ATMs in NY dispense $50 bills now so it's possible to get that much in 1 shot.

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    My limit $800

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    you can have more than one account, and they did say he withdrew money between the hours of 8-9.

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    he was fixing to have a good old time that night

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    Why is everyone focused on the bank limit amount? He could have borrowed from just anybody or even gotten it on the cuff. Jesus is everyone here an addict? Focus on the big picture ie the drugs NOT the atm limit. I am in shock about society right fuckin now!