Ratings: ‘Hannibal’ Returns Up, But Still Low

Ratings: 'Hannibal' Returns Up, But Still Low

Season 2 returns to a low 1.1 in the key demo

NBC's “Hannibal” returned for its second season Friday to a weak 1.1 rating in the key demo, but was up 38 percent over last season's little-watched finale.
The 1.1 in the key 18-49 demographic tops the show's final five episodes from last season and matches or beats its final nine telecasts from last season. It was the top rating for the show since the first season's third telecast on April 18, 2013, which had a 1.4/4.
But a 1.1 is still low. Fortunately for “Hannibal,” networks hold shows to a lower standard on Fridays, which tend to be a viewer wasteland.
  • Stuart W

    “Hanibal” dealing with “Blue Bloods” a far-better show in Friday time slot.
    Why all this love for “Hanibal” a proven looser?

    • Sean Murdock

      Maybe because it's a GREAT show — probably too good for network TV. Hopefully, moving it to Fridays wasn't a sign of giving up on it, but rather a signal that they'll accept lower ratings as long as they're “good for a Friday.”

    • Bhammer100

      I guess you've never seen this show or you wouldn't describe it as a looser.

      • Stuart W

        I've watched the trailer and seemed gratuitous-violence the stock in trade. So far its loosing in its time slot; too early to describe it a “winner” in any context. And not to be compared in quality to “Silence of the Lambs” one of the intro-films to the Hannibal Lecter series. But hammer, you can help keep the flame-alive. (DCGirl has it right!)

        • Bhammer100

          Why don't you watch the show before you form any opinion? It just might surprise you.

  • Sean Murdock

    Boy, I hope this show makes it. They've really pulled off something nearly impossible — gently nudging aside one of the most iconic character portrayals in film history (Anthony Hopkins as Lecter), and creating a new version just as compelling, creepy, spellbinding and terrifying. Huge kudos to Mads Mikkelsen for creating a Lecter equal to Sir Anthony's.

    But it's not a one-man show, and that's what makes “Hannibal” such a wonderful surprise. Everyone is great here, and the show is gore-geously shot and directed. The scenes of Hannibal's kitchen work are presented with all the fetishistic glamour of an episode of “Top Chef” — which makes the meals themselves even more appalling (and mesmerizing). Turning the tables on Will and putting him in prison — with Hannibal taking over his role in the FBI — was a brilliant move.

    I just hope the show hangs in there long enough for it to merge with the most beloved Lecter story of all — the one with Clarice Starling, of course. For me, part of the fun of these alternate-universe / reboot / re-imagining shows (this one and “Bates Motel” in particular) is enjoying the new stories while watching for the stuff that WE know about (but the characters don't) coming around the corner.

    “Hannibal” is a keeper if you love great TV — it might be doomed in the long run, but I'll take 3 or 4 seasons of low-rated glory over the ham-fisted “sure thing” of “Blue Bloods” any day.

    • DCGirl

      Well said. I just hope they cut out half the commercials…pardon the pun