CNN Contributor Sally Kohn Schools Critic Who Compared Her To Justin Bieber

CNN Contributor Sally Kohn Schools Critic Who Compared Her To Justin Bieber

The liberal commentator turns a Republican internet troll into a fan

Cable news pundit Sally Kohn, who officially joined CNN as a contributor on Wednesday, is used to taking a lot of flak from her conservative critics on Twitter, but she won at least one detractor over with her self-deprecating sense of humor.

Former South Carolina Republican Party official Todd Kincannon was trolling Kohn on Thursday about her haircut. “Nice haircut sir,” Kincannon snarked at the openly lesbian commentator. Another of Kincannon's followers tweeted a Photoshopped picture of the pundit side-by-side with the pop star. “Requesting permission to steal joke!” Kincannon interjected.

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A popular joke Tumblr juxtaposes photos of Bieber next to lesbians.

Without missing a beat, Kohn responded slyly, “I mean, the pictures side by side even made me do a double take…” With that repartee, Kincannon backed down and declared himself a Sally Kohn devotee. “I am now officially a @sallykohn fan,” Kincannon conceded.



  • Melissa

    Todd Kidcannon is absolutely vile on Twitter. He is a right wing nutjob. Scary stuff. Here is an example of what he said about Wendy Davis.

    • OG_Locc

      How is that scary? It's 100% true.

      Abortion Barbie is the antithesis of what women should strive to be.

      • XKCD

        The GOP is always saying single motherhood is the main cause of poverty and encouraging young single mothers to marry. Now they're criticizing an enemy because…she…did that?

        • OG_Locc

          That's quite an interesting take on things.

  • WordyDoodles

    Sally Kohn is a shining example of how healthy politics *could* be. Not in small part because she has a great sense of humor!

    • OG_Locc

      Kohn just took to twitter to proclaim its racist that black people don't win enough Oscars.

      That is the exact opposite of “healthy politics.”