PTC: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Premiere Makes Case for A La Carte Cable

PTC: 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere Makes Case for A La Carte Cable


Television watchdog group blasts “Sons” premiere while pushing for legislation

The Season 6 premiere of the FX biker drama “Sons of Anarchy” has drawn a shocked response from a watchdog group known for its shocked responses. But this time they have an original twist.

The Parents Television Council says the episode — which included a school shooting, torture porn, a prison rape, and a man being urinated upon — is one of the best arguments for Arizona Sen. John McCain's proposed legislation calling for a la carte cable packages. The group made a similar argument after Miley Cyrus‘ MTV Video Music Awards performance last month.

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“What FX chose to show — a scene of a young boy murdering innocent children in a school with a semi-automatic gun — is enough of a reason for consumers to have the choice not to underwrite such horrifically violent and disturbing material,” PTC president Tim Winter said. “Think about the parents who have been personally affected by real-life school shootings — even they were forced to contribute to FX on their cable bills. This is an outrage, and the time for consumers to have real choice has come.”

Winter also opined that the option of changing the channel “isn't enough” and is a mere “lazy excuse from the cable industry's own talking points.” Hence the need for McCain's proposal, he said.

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“We urge Congress to take seriously the Television Consumer Freedom Act, which will allow consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want, and the Video CHOICE Act, which would pave the way for a choice solution. It's time for consumers to have a real voice in what they want to pay for on their cable bills,” Winter said.

“Sons of Anarchy” creator has made the case that the shooting wasn't just shock for the sake of shock.

“Nothing is done gratuitously, that the events that happen in the premiere are really the catalyst for the third act of this morality play we're doing,” he said in a recent Television Critics Association panel.

  • Dolores V. Sisco

    I don't understand people who are outraged because of something they see on television – let alone on basic cable. The majority of the programs on basic cable do not interest me – so I don't watch. So how many members of thie group actually watch SOA? Do they know the show is about a biker-gang? Better yet, did the watcher forget how to use the remote?

    • moviedemon

      I totally get what you're saying and agree – except your last sentence misses the point they're trying to make.

      If there's a network that has programming you find deeply offensive, it's even more offensive to know that when you're paying your cable bill, part of your money is going to support that programming.

      I have no problem with SOA, but there's plenty of other crap that I despise paying for.

      • Out in the Street Films

        Does it really go toward actually paying for those channels? Because they all have commercials out the ass.

      • Dolores V. Sisco

        I agree. I didn't mention this because I have been beating my head against a wall about having to pay for programming I have no interest in. I am hoping that cable providers get a clue at what Netflix is doing, but the money is, unfortunately, in making everyone pay for every crap piece of show that airs somewhere.

      • Robert Ivey

        So they would ditch Fox news and all Fox sports channels as well?
        Good for them, because FX is a Fox channel and any money they spend on Fox is going towards paying for Sons of Anarchy and its filthy good episodes.

    • Robert Ivey

      I would figure they would have been more upset at the scene where the Gang member drowns a pornographer in a bathtub filled with urine and then pisses on his head. Or the scenes where the Iranians are filming torture porn. Or maybe the part where the Leader of the SOA mad that his wife won't see him or let him be in court commited adultry with the Madam who is trying to go into buisness with him. I figured that would be more offensive to thier moral sensibilities then the imaginary school shooting.

  • CColvin

    I would never watch this or Breaking Bad or any of these negative nasty shows. They drive down the sensibilities of society and make rottenness more acceptable. There is nothing good, or noble or even justifiable for these shows to exist, Terrible thing.

    • Out in the Street Films

      Isn't that special?

  • Newzheimer

    Won't somebody please think of the children?

    In this case, the members of the PTC.

  • zigwithbag

    You left out the show's creator's name, please.

  • Out in the Street Films

    Ever hear of parental controls?

  • Robert Ivey

    I actually watched the episode.
    There is no scene where a kid kills anyone.
    There is a scene where a kid walks into a building.
    The camera stays outside.
    We see flashes of light and gunfire sounds.
    Its implied the kid went in there and shot up a classroom, but we never actually see it and the entire shooting is essentially left to our imagination.

  • Jorge

    like tax money doesn't go to killing people….