Twitter Blocks IStandWithPhilDotCom to Block ‘Duck Dynasty’ Groundswell

Twitter Blocks IStandWithPhilDotCom to Block 'Duck Dynasty' Groundswell


Company says site contains “spammy or unsafe” content

(Update: Twitter has removed the block on, apologized, and said the site was blocked “mistakenly.”)

Twitter has blocked people from tweeting, the name of a website created in support of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson.

There are certain workarounds — you can still tweet “IStandWithPhildotCom,” as we have in our headline to escape Twitter's censors — but those who type receive the message, “Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.”

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The group Faith Driven Consumer, which is behind the page, said a petition at the site has yielded 200,000 signatures in less than four days. It said Twitter has also shut down two other pro-Robertson social media accounts.

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“Despite Twitter's shut down of, we are surging through 200,000 supporters. In recent days, is among the top trending hash tags on Twitter,” said Chris Stone, founder of the group. “We're encouraging supporters to be heard, Tweet the @support or @twitter account, and use their other means of communication to get back online.”

The group notes that a Google page diagnostic of the site indicates it “is not currently listed as suspicious” and that “this has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.”

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The group is asking fans of free expression to send messages to @support or @twitter.

When it complained to Twitter, the group said, it received a boilerplate message saying Twitter “has systems that blocks [sic] the posting of suspected harmful URLs in order to make Twitter safer and more secure for our users. … Even if Google's diagnostic report of the URL is clean, we may decide to continue blocking the URL on Twitter as potentially harmful.”

Here is the message:

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 4.47.52 PM

Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment from TheWrap.

Tony Maglio contributed to this story.


  • BH

    So much for freedom of speech….. Allow a lot of crap but don't allow people to express their words. Censorship

    • Geezus Khrist

      That is exactly what it is, and this is an awesome opportunity to STOP using twitter. Just like Phillip Normans post below, this is what I am going to do too. Pass it around people, STOP USING TWITTER NOW!!

  • Martianman68

    Freedom of speech is protected from the government interfering in what a person says. A&E is a corporation, not the government. If he worked for Bob's Burgers and made a public statement, or even posted something on Facebook, that conflicted with the belief of Bob's Burgers, they would be well within their right to suspend him. And then you more than have the right to not visit Bob's Burgers because of that. Or watch A&E.

    The really sad thing is that people care more about this than the NSA spying on American citizens with virtually no boundaries.

    • Nikki

      Thank you for speaking the rational truth about this.

      • Ric Reed

        You're making an unfair observation. I believe BOTH situations are serious……

      • Marx Myth

        It's also a rational truth that it's censorship & it's wrong! This country was founded on personal freedoms such as speech & religion, ergo the right to speak freely about your religion – yes? I feel this is going down a dangerous road that jeopardizes those tenants. I think religious dogma such as this, although not coming from ignorance all of the time, is always illogical & a bit naive at best. But If I want to be able to say that, he has to be able to make those types of statements also.

        Yes, most any company, has the right to fire most anybody, for just about anything. A&E knew the beliefs of the Robertson clan WAY before they ever signed them from You Tube (& had no problem with the $$ they earned…) But, to then come back later and say “We don't condone his beliefs…” & suspend him – after he speaks those beliefs & quotes The Bible – that seems rather hypocritical, in my eyes. (The Bible is, hands down, THE most influential piece of literature, in the history of western civilization.)

        A very dangerous ‘though police’ action is occurring with all the Political Correctness BS that is going on in America right now. Just because the religious right made the rules for most of our history, doesn't mean that going to the other extreme any better! Condoning the actions of A&E and ‘accidents’ like Twitter, is only leading us down the path to a '1984' type society, where only people deemed ‘correct’ are allowed to speak. (imho)

    • Ric Reed

      You're making an unfair assumption. I believe both censorship and NSA spying are wrong!!

    • Marx Myth

      People don't know they are being spied on… Most people you ask don't know who Snowden is by name… & only ‘heard’ about he story of us spying on other world leaders…
      Oh & it was a brilliant PR move by A&E – the new “DD”, could be the highest rated premier in the history of cable – haha

  • Phillip Norman

    Well, if that is how Twitter feels about it,I will just discontinue using twitter.

  • rhs

    I thought that I lived in the free United States, what is happening with our freedoms, I for one will continue to speak freely !!

  • bj

    Stand firm Phil! Millions of US feel the same as you!

  • HANK


  • JamesAt17

    This is all about the controversy of sodomy. The bible mentions this oral copulation as sin. Whomever practices sodomy on another person is considered a sodomite and even a monogamist married couple having oral sex on each other (sodomy) come under the (sin tag) of sodomites. Ask Phil if he has ever had oral sex with his spouse or has she ever performed oral sex on him. If he's man enough he will give an honest answer. Be carful about the throwing of those stones at others when you also may have done the same type of sin. The better thing and the right thing is to always offer the salvation way out of this life style. True love is telling others and even your partner the Good News. Not beating them down for the sin they may have in their lives which has never brought anyone to salvation.

    • chester

      I don't see where his opinion was wrong if you read the bible it says be fruitful an multiply, so how can they. I don't see where he was so wrong there is a such thing as freedom of speech an everybody has a right to there own opinion. A&E hired them to be a Christian show so how can they be against it? as much as gays is posted to where we have to see and here about it. how can he be held against his one statement. so my thoughts is everyone think twice and put him back. but he would be better too dump them and start his own show.

      • JamesAt17

        An opinion can bring a lot of troubles into our lives if what we speak is not according to scripture and even if it is, is it beneficial for those it is directed toward. Everyone of us can look back over our lives and recall something said to us that affected the way we are today, good and bad. How good it is to speak a good word that takes root and breaks the stronghold in a persons life then something that has a corrosive affect! All throughout the bible we are shown how our words affect our lives around us. It will take a lifetime till the day the Lord takes us home or at his return speaking words that build lives instead of those that kill and destroy. Whatever Phil was talking about is going to last him for the rest of his life. Those opposed to the Christian faith are going to use this till the day the Lord returns. As for me, if a thousand turn away from the gospel message I tell them about I will be still seeking that (one) that will listen and have an open heart to hear the message of the Good News of Jesus and the salvation he bought for us on the cross.

    • pk

      I had never heard of sodomy referred to anything other than anal sex, and I think the reference to oral sex is relatively recent. From wikipedia definition of sodomy: “Originally, the term sodomy was usually restricted to anal sex,[1][2] and is derived from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in chapters 18 and 19 of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.” . I don't think your comment has any merit.

    • billg43

      Phil never said he never sinned I sin but I don t call it right . And there a lot of people who Don't commit sodomy. Any Dr will you there are unsafe sexual acts.

  • Steve

    I can't believe A&E. Being in a industry that strives in freedom for free speech is putting a censorship on its foundation is Ludacris. Why are they in the business? I say move over to fox.

  • Jim

    Fascinating to me….. This man expresses an opinion that is politically incorrect but congruous with his faith. In no way did he condemn any individual. He condemed the act. For that act of conscience he has been crucified by the worst sin in current society. The audacity to be politically incorrect.

  • OneOfGodsChildren

    I am hoping that before I die I will be able to see all people just accept people for who they are and not what others want them to be.Being gay is not a choice.Being str8 is not a choice. It is who you are and who god made you to be all for a purpose. Those who choose to post hateful remarks about total strangers are themselves committing a “sin” and have no right to point a finger at anyone else thinking they are better than anyone else.It's time for all of us to stop all this hatred and anger and put this energy to good use like helping and honoring each other before we have run out of time.

    • billg43

      Of course homosexuality is a choice what about all the people that go both ways between men and women. there O K too right.. . I m O K with what people do if they want to sin there going to sin. I sin .but I don t try to change whats right and wrong to suit what I do.

      • Brian

        learn to spell, hillbilly.

        • billg43

          the only argument is name calling and spelling correction you have nothing to say

  • Angela Searles

    Yeah, if you say so Twitter! Hypocrites!

  • Eileen Baca

    From New Orleans:
    What a moron. If only they clould have blocoked him forever.

  • will

    if u get offended by my opinion then deep down u must feel that your lifestyle is wrng

  • JB

    freedom of speech, whether we believe what the person is saying or not, If we stop Phil, then all speech will be stopped except what the government wants us to know.

  • yukonchris

    Way to go Phil!!
    don't back down tell them liberal tree hugging commies.

  • Diesel

    F U twitter A$$es! You acted just like A&E. Protecting your pathetic fags. There was nothing wrong with the story or “spammy or unsafe issues” about this story. You are now part of the problem. Twitter… what a stupid name for anything. No wonder I wouldn't use an account from a useless media. I believe in the right of freedom of speech. All gays that don't like what I say…. .live your lives secretly, don't bring your shit to my door, and stay out of my business. You get in my face with your BS, I'll bust your head. Merry Christmas.

  • Ms. P

    I understand where Phil was coming from, (scripture) but with all the hoopla from (Palin, Rusk L., Jindal, etc…) blew everything out of proportion making it a political quip for them and all the wrong reason, we (who knows Phil) knew where he was coming from and I am a African/Native American individual and I did not take it negatively. May the blood of Jesus remain on this family.

  • H from Dallas

    Great to be an American.But when your in the public eye you need to keep your mouth shut.Look what happened to Hank Williams JR.

  • jus14daroad

    Phil Robertson read this from the Bible…The bible says a lot of things, some of them are contradictory. For example, God forgives all sin(s). Then you read the NT and you find that there is one sin that is unforgivable (find it for yourself). Also, homosexuals are to be stoned to death, but in the NT we are told to love one another.

  • william

    what about children that was raped do they have a opionion?