‘Under the Dome’ CBS, Amazon Deal Renewed

'Under the Dome' CBS, Amazon Deal Renewed

Summer hit will again stream online, days after it airs

CBS and Amazon hope viewers will stay under the influence of “Under the Dome” in Season 2: the companies are renewing a deal that will allow fans to keep watching episodes online, four days after they air on CBS.

The drama from Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Television, based on Stephen King‘s bestselling novel, returns next summer. Amazon Prime Instant Video will remain the exclusive online subscription home for the show.

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The show, which premiered on on CBS in June, is the most-watched series of the summer and is also tops in the key 18-49 demo. The Amazon deal represents an attempt to reach viewers not watching in real time, a growing problem for primetime programmers.

  • LesPavingWayForAlaCarte-Only!

    Wow, after all of the foot-stomping and cries of “poverty” in arm-twisting for more Retransmission Consent DOLLAR$ for CBS, Shotime and its other O&O stations, etc., it's HEARTENING to see that CBS ceo Les Moonves gets yet another ONLINE STREAMING/VOD STREAM from Amazon! That's right, TWC subscribers, while you pay HIGHER sub fees to get your linear network TV bundle, Mr. Moonves’ CBS is yet again REAPING another BOUNTY from online video streaming to add to the Eye Network's record profits this year and next! I'm all warm-and-fuzzy for CBS — sorry TWC subscribers!

    Well, maybe I have to hand it to Les for being “FORWARD-THINKING” on these streaming video-on-demand business models — all the while he keeps STICKING TO CABLE SUBSCRIBERS for more bucks, Moonves still knows they're slowly KILLING THE GOLDEN GOOSE for linear network TV bundlers (cable systems, satellite and fiber-optic). Once the subscribers for the linear network bundlers get SICK of the constant retrans consent squabbles, blackouts and the RISES in their MONTHLY bills being PASSED ON to them, they will keep gravitating to pay-per-view, online streaming TV models (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu) or Barry Diller's Aereo redistribution of HDTV nets including CBS!

    Yep, I can at least tip my hat to Les Moonves for seeing how he and the BIG MEDIA GLUTTONS are KILLING the LINEAR NETWORK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS with pervasive GREED — and for seeing that CBS and the other programmers will soon have to resort to STREAMING ONLINE VIDEO MODELS once the cable system operators, satellite and fiber-optic distributors someday come to the realization they will have to sell “ALA CARTE” tv programming/shows to survive!

    Way to go, Les, on the “Under The Dome” deal with Amazon — you're using “New Media Sage” hat well!!! ;-D