‘The View’ Keeps Steady Ratings With Jenny McCarthy as ‘The Talk’ Advances

the view

The ABC talker’s new season sees marginal dips, while CBS’ chatfest rises 20 percent in demo

So far, the McCarthy Era is treating “The View” fairly well.

In the first three weeks of the new season of ABC daytime gab-fest “The View” — which saw Jenny McCarthy come aboard after the departures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar — the show has weathered the transition, experiencing only minor dips in total viewership and the women 25-54 demographic.

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The current season of “The View” — which premiered Sept. 9 — has averaged 3.023 million total viewers, as compared to the 3.239 million that the show averaged in the first three weeks of its previous season.

In the demo, “The View” has also held mostly steady, averaging a 1.2 rating, versus the 1.3 that it averaged in the comparable period last season.

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Meanwhile, CBS’s entry into the daytime talk arena, “The Talk,” has made inroads in the demo and total viewership with its fourth season, which also launched Sept. 9. The show had its largest weekly audience to date for its first week back on the air, averaging 2.80 million total viewers — a 20 percent jump over the previous season’s premiere week. In the demo, “The Talk” averaged a 1.2 rating/.08 share for its first week — also a 20 percent rise over the previous season’s premiere week average.

In its first three weeks, “The Talk” has maintained that 1.2 average — putting it on even ground with “The View” so far this year — while slipping slightly in total viewers from the premiere week average, with 2.72 million — which is still up 23 percent from where it was at this stage last season.

  • ben dover

    I am really tired of gum flapping TV shows………blah blah blah…….and the Osbournes have clearly overstayed their welcome as have the Kartrashians.

  • ARMY1971

    3 million dopy women watching liberal progressive Dumbocrats talk about how those mean old white Republciks are taking away their repo rights. And even more scary is those ultra new mean old Tea Party guys. Who keeps standing in the way of barry2xer and all he could do for them and their kids. Sad bunch but in a country of 325 million I guess 3 million isn’t all that bad.

  • http://edebrew.mydevryportfolio.com/ Ernest

    Well, in my opinion, “The View” is better than “The Talk” because of fun, energetic Jenny McCarthy is a part of “The View”.

    I still like “The Talk” but I am still not over what happened to Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini. The way they were fired/rejected without receiving good reason(s) was despicable.

    • Natty

      Me too. Still upset about Holly and Leah

  • Carol

    Well I’m glad the screaming match is over for today now that I have a migraine sad to say that it was Jenny who started this and now everyone else is screaming including the guest co – host sad . Today was the worst and what was Jenny doing watching bright eyed and all she has ruined the show starting all that yelling. Yes sad to say Barbara is aggressive just give her the queens chair and come in to bow down to her give me a break. Jenny and Barbara need to go sit down somewhere.