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Jenny McCarthy’s ‘The View’ Debut: 4 Standout Moments

From her sassy-but-classy eyewear to Donnie Wahlberg’s drop-in, the key highlights from McCarthy’s ”View“ premiere

Jenny McCarthy made her premiere as co-host of “The View” on Monday, ushering in a new era of the ABC daytime gabfest. “The View” looks at four moments that made the moment even that much more magical.

1) McCarthy’s glasses. Everyone wants to look smart for their first day on the job, right? On Monday, McCarthy rocked a pair of specs that brought subtle gravitas to her “View” premiere — a not-unwelcome quality for a woman who’s known for her not-too-subtle Playboy pictorials.

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2) Jenny’s tour of New York City. Specifically, Donald Trump’s appearance. Because when the circus is in town, you round up every clown you can find. Plus, the light-hearted appearance was a stark contrast to the tongue-lashing that Barbara Walters gave Trump over his Birther shenanigans. (Let the healing begin!) Plus, who can resist a foul-mouthed Matthew Broderick, driven to profanity by being confused for John Cusack?

3) Donnie Wahlberg! Most people would wait until after their first day on the new job to start using the gig to promote their boyfriends’ projects. Not Jenny — she had her beau Donnie Wahlberg on to plug not only his series “Boston’s Finest” and “Blue Bloods,” but also an upcoming A&E reality series revolving around his family’s restaurant venture, Wahlburgers. And isn’t your life that much more rich now that you know that McCarthy values Wahlberg’s rear end over all of his other body parts?

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4) Michael Buble serenading Barbara Walters. Because it can’t all be about Jenny. Even during her first day on the job. Duh!