‘Walking Dead’ Reviews: Anyone Else Kind of Bored?

'Walking Dead' Reviews: Anyone Else Kind of Bored?

Character development? Or just a lot of heavy handed seed-planting?

Was anyone else a little underwhelmed by Sunday's “Walking Dead” return?

I wrote last week that the premiere was a little boring, and I'll stand by that. The problem isn't new show runner Scott Gimple's stated intention to focus on character development. (We TV critics gravitate to that sort of thing like zombies to carcasses.) The problem is that I didn't see real character development in Sunday's Season 4 premiere: just a lot of sloppy exposition and pandering pans of good-looking survivors whose haircuts get more stylish as the apocalypse wears on. We met a bunch of new folks we know will be eaten soon, and old characters symbolically planting seeds with what must be very heavy hands.

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Am I alone in thinking “The Walking Dead” is better than this? Lots of critics were more charitable, including Time's Nate Rawlings. He praised “one of the series’ best opening scenes yet.” He also called the walkers-through-the-ceiling sequence “one of the more impressive zombie battles we've seen in a while.”

“What if you tuned in to watch “The Walking Dead” and an episode of “Green Acres” broke out?” asked the Contra Costa Times’ Chuck Barney. “That's what it sort of felt like in the early moments of Sunday's Season 4 opener.”

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But Barney remained confident in Gimple. “Gimple is surely smart enough to know that, even with a more contemplative, character-driven approach, this show can't thrive without heated conflicts and scary threats and lots of bloody splats. And so he gives us ominous scenes of zombie hordes pushing up against the cyclone fences,” he wrote.

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall said it remains to be seen whether Gimple can “maintain a level of quality and consistency over a long period.”

But he noted that “the show tends to run into trouble when things are too peaceful,” and that the new characters feel a little disposable. Sepinwall wrote that they “have the air of redshirts, there to be picked off one by one… while the bulk of the main cast survives. Beth's attitude towards the newbies — friendly, but not emotionally invested, so she won't feel bad when some of them inevitably die — could well be how Gimple expects us to feel about them.”

The Onion AV Club's Zack Handlen also worried about the interchangeability of the characters and situations.

“As an episode of television, then, this is solid–nothing remarkable, exactly, but entertaining. (And the store attack scene really is swell.) But as an episode ‘ The Walking Dead’ — or, more importantly, as the first episode of a new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ — it's somewhat troubling. The stuff that works … has very little to do with the recurring ensemble. Apart from the fact that we recognize the faces, the store attack could've happened to anyone at any point, and despite Rick's agonized expression, the encounter with the Crazy Lady was most compelling for what we learned about a character we'll never see again. Sure, it turned out to be another excuse for Rick to wonder if anyone can possibly hold on to their humanity in the midst of all this horror, but by now, the answer to that is pretty obvious, isn't it?”

The Washington Post's Hank Stuever compared the show to a video game, and wondered if it's worth sticking with a series that has no hope of a happy ending — at least, not an honest happy ending.

“There is only a reset button (revolving showrunners, new writers) or a fresh level of horror and despair, just like the popular video game based on the show which emphasizes the feelings and personalities of characters, who could all die at any moment. The TV show also banks on non-zombie intervals of personal conflict among the still-living, who behave like test subjects in a morbidly long experiment of applied social psychology,” Stuever wrote. Still, he said, he can't stop watching.

I know the feeling.

  • terra king

    TWD has always been character driven. This isn't really so much a show about zombies as it is a show about the humanity that remain after the zombies arrive. As far as new cast members, this has happened every season and yes some are merely for zombie food, but others are keepers. Almost all of the current ‘regular’ cast members are from the farm in which the survivors spent the whole second season. The scene of the zombie rain in the store was awesome and was satisfying to this zombie viewer.

    • Lalo_hopscotch

      It is character driver, but that doesn't mean it should become a soap opera like the season on the farm.

    • yaya

      Really the zombie's falling through the roof was predictable from minute one and made even less believable when we see a helicopter that obviously landed with no problems, but a few zombies start walking and the roof suddenly becomes paper mache come on this season is really starting to kill the show!! I dont want character development on a zombie show save that crap for Greys Anatomy!!

      • terra king

        @Lalo You should probably look up the term ‘soap opera.’ Every drama genre TV shows are soap operas, minus the soap. (Soap Operas, call so because the early TV shows on in the afternoon were sponsored by soap companies. The shows are episodic, you may understand ARC better. A story line takes place over many episodes.

        @yaya It was predictable and it was meant to be. They build the tension not by knowing that it would happen, but by worrying who it would take out or effect.

        As I mentioned before, “TWD” isn't all about zombies, it's about the human reaction to the end of the world and surviving the zombies and more importantly, each other.

        This show is more cerebral than most vehicles for zombies. This is what made “TWD” good in the first place. Apparently, somebody likes the show, it was just renewed for another season.

        • jack

          you know what he meant so first paragraph was redundant. clearly people liked the show, and yes its also about the human psyche and how it reacts to catastrophe, but the writers are just clinging to the same conflicts, which would be fine if there were actually NEW phenomenon to stimulate it, and there's definitely potential (the flu issue was actually a great idea if they have good plan for it).

          • terra king

            I guess we just have to agree to disagree. It's hard to have this conversation because by the time someone answers a post, another episode has passed. Anyway, we are only four episodes into the fourth season, there are five more this year. On Sunday the show lost Carol, (maybe not forever). I'm thinking the writers are taking this season are setting the stage for some twists and turns. While I've read on a few blogs that viewers are getting bored. I believe this is the humanity story vs the zombie attack stories. We can only wait and see what happens.

  • Kat

    I guess I don't know who Tim Molloy is (and it really doesn't matter much), but I'm wondering how he has seen two episodes of TWD when the season premiere was last night. I read a different article he wrote about TWD that was posted online this morning, ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4: The zombies are slower than ever. Tim, please proof read before you post. You were choosing words that make it hard to follow what exactly you are trying to say. Words like “it” instead of “in” or “is” can completely change the meaning of a sentence or make the sentence make no sense.
    I might not be perfect in grammar or sentence structure, but you would think that people who write for a living would care. (JMHO.)
    As far as being bored. Nope, not me, I was in denial when the hour ended. I wanted more TWD.

    • Matthew

      I was about to write the same thing when I saw your response and wondered the same thing. How has he seen two episodes when only the first has been released. In my opinion, he most likely did not watch the episode at all and skimmed over the details from spoiler sites which released the info on the premier episode within a few minutes of the airing. If he had watched The Talking dead immediately after the premier, he would have seen the interview with Scott Gimple and realized they made the premier purposely a bit slower to introduce new characters and do a short bit of back story into what has been happening for the past few months since season 3 ended. Critics such as Tim Malloy should not have opinion on programs they do not actually watch, and it is apparent he did not sit and watch the premier episode of TWD.

      • tim.molloy

        Gimple's statements are directly addressed in the story above, and the first two episodes were given to critics. Cheers!

        • Matthew

          Sorry, no they weren't.Only the premier episode is released to critics for viewing. Producers do not allow more than a single episode to be viewed for fear of non-disclosure-agreements being violated and information being released online before the public can view the same episode. As it stands now the critics have the ability to see the newest episode only scant hours before the public.

          • Lalo_hopscotch

            This is not correct, some stations like Scy Fi – give away three eps. I work at a newspaper, our TV guy got the first two eps.

          • Milkshake Man

            That's right, walk away Matthew. Just. Walk. Away.

      • Lalo_hopscotch

        How do you know he did not watch it? Many people who watched it were not impressed. I watched it and I was bored.

        • Sheldon Sturges

          Switch over to “60 Minutes”.

          • Lalo_hopscotch

            Not a fan, although if TWD keeps going in this direction, I will look for another show. Thanks for the suggestion though.

          • Milkshake Man

            I was incredulous at the (precious) ceiling scene. Even for a child's drama about ‘walkers'…this series plays fast and loose with basic physics.

            Also, wouldn't flies and carrion have devoured the walker hoards by now?

          • Tish

            I wouldn't say it is a “child's drama about ‘walkers” unless you lack an aptitude for critical thinking. It is a social commentary basically saying that, even with the dead up and walking around, the living are still the biggest problem to worry about.
            Plus, “I was incredulous” is kind of funny wording. Do you mean you were in disbelief? Taken aback? There you go…

          • Jack

            What the hell is wrong with saying ‘I was incredulous'?! What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong or odd about saying that. Saying ‘I was in disbelief / I was taken aback’ is not the same. Get a grip!

    • Lalo_hopscotch

      Because media gets advanced screeners

    • francis turner

      fucking right dude! me too I loved it! I cant get enough!

  • Sandra A. Simpson

    Hey people leave the Walking Dead Alone, my son and I loved it can't wait till next week, we were only sorry as the minutes kept ticking away I wish it would have been 2 hours instead of 1 , everyone did a great job on the show, and if they make the Zombies any faster then people will not have a chance to survive, and sometimes its best to just turn off your emotions people actually do that in real life, so maybe you're not a true Walking Dead fan if you are already finding fault in the first show, everything can not be a slaughtering of people, because we would run out of people and sometimes it nice to know whats going one with each other and how they are trying to make all their lives work together, besides did everyone see the preview for next week its going to be a killer. I say go Walking Dead everyone did a great job loved it.

    • Rhonda George

      I love this show, but wish they'd do some kind of side story line with scientists somewhere trying to find a cure. Otherwise there's no hope for a humanity, who will all die eventually and turn in Zombies themselves. Could see through the story line of the woman's husband being a Zombie a mile away, but at first she was so dirty and emaciated that I thought she was a talking Zombie! lol

    • Milkshake Man

      The show is crap, you're rotting your child's mind. Congrats.

      • terra king

        Maybe the show isn't your cup of tea or ‘milkshake,’ but pronouncing it crap is not a real intelligent move. Have you watched more than one episode? I think not.

  • Lalo_hopscotch

    I agree last night was underwhelming to say the least …

  • Dorian

    I am a die hard TWD addict but i was very turned off by the season premiere last night. I already expected so much bc this show never disappoints but Im really not pleased. Love my cast, love my story line but geesh did we need to see the creepy lady whole entire stupid story? Also the stupid nerdy kid dying better be bc of some weird reason with the licking of hands etc bc if its not that as well was pretty unnecessary. Please do NOT be good the first seasons and poop on us now. You are by far the best that is on tv!!! Keep up the good wrk im still watching…

    • Milkshake Man

      Never disappoints? LOL. Season 2 was one long disappointment. So was the season finale of Season 1. I could go on, but why?

    • TWD

      The creepy lady scene was intriguing.
      It gave the mind something to think about, on how individuals other then the main character have ventured.
      Season 4 sucks because it's just everyone trying to play happy camp, with some sacrifices of randoms.
      What is missing is rogue characters like Merl, who didn't give a fu*k.. and lone wolf adventures like his brother when he was searching for the little girl.
      Also some heavy ongoing conflict that leads to a killing between main characters like Rick and his best mate. That story was deep.
      If I was a writer, I would begin a power struggle between the quickly growing Karl and his dad. With Karl in the end killing his dad.
      Fu*k Rick.. he's washed up!
      We need a new young sheriff.

      • terra king

        I don't know where to begin. I'm thinking that last night's show gave you some meat and potatoes.

  • Sheldon Sturges

    Tim Molloy is a troll. Don't feed ‘im.

    • Lalo_hopscotch

      I doubt the writer of the article is the troll

  • hm

    This writer is obviously NOT for the walking dead—I suppose they watch KUWTK…its on at the same time…

  • Sean Murdock

    I was OK with it, both as an episode and as a season premiere. I respect the desire for a change in tone — however briefly it may last, because surely mayhem is not far behind — and I trust that they are building towards something big and different. I would be more concerned about wheel-spinning and blatant red-shirt establishing if it weren't for the very last scene, which introduces a new threat unlike anything we've seen so far. When Redshirt #2 went from tummy-ache to dead and near-zombie in a couple of hours, I can tell that Season 4 isn't going to just be the same old, same old.

    On a strictly primal level, all I really DEMAND of the Walking Dead is cool new zombies, and cool, gross ways to brain them — and once again, TWD delivers. It's incredible after 3 seasons that the writers can still come up with creative ways to kill a zombie, but they keep doing it. At some point the fun of all this will be gone (or ho-hum routine), so I sure hope they have a strong story to fall back on.

    It's interesting that they snapped Carl back into “normal kid” mode; they sure seemed to be setting him up for a dark transition at the end of season three. It's almost like Beth has adopted his nihilism so that Carl can show some humanity. A bit of a strange and unexpected about-face for me.

    Then we have Daryl, or “Pookie” as absolutely NO ONE should ever call him — although if anyone can get away with it, it's probably Carol. Seeing him on his motorcycle and looking badass with his crossbow was fun, but I desperately do NOT want him to turn into a 2-dimensional “Fonzie” character — you know, the one the studio audience bursts into applause for, long after the home audience has commenced rolling their eyes? They need to put some of that “character development” manpower into Daryl, ASAP.

    So what's your take on what happened to the kid at the end? (Patrick, was it? We hardly knew ye…) Some kind of swine flu or mad cow disease for humans? Or maybe, as I first thought, a call-back to the revelation at the end of the first season that EVERYONE was infected with the zombie virus, and it only got activated by being bitten. Perhaps now the zombie virus has mutated and it can activate itself without provocation. (I haven't read the comics, so I have no idea how [or if] they deal with this.) Either way, it was enough to get me excited about the season. Let Rick play in his garden for awhile — we all know he'll have to put down the hoe and pick up his gun again soon enough.

  • GB

    this has got to be the dumbest, most boring show of all time!!!!

  • StephK

    SOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!! This show use to be so thrilling and would keep me on the edge of my seat but now I'm just sitting there kind of paying attention. I feel like they lost there way. I really do hope it gets better though.

    • Oracle

      The viewers who seem to like TWD are probably newbies. I watched the show from the beginning and the quality is no longer there. It's now really gimmicky and superficial. Read where TWD is suffering from fiscal austerity and it shows. No way can you spend $3.4 M over six episodes then spend $2.7M over 13 episodes and expect the same quality. Will Google to see what the budget is now for 16 episodes, but beyond that I'm losing interest. And, The Talking Dead is too long. Cut it back to 30 minutes, even Chris Hardwick looks bored from trying to “stretch.” No show lasts forever, that's why they're talking up a spinoff.

      • Milkshake Man

        Nailed it.

  • MisterMax2000

    The writer of the article is right. For a season opener, this show sucked in a big way And what struck me as particularly dumb were all the walkers on the roof of the store. How the heck did they get there? Sprout walker wings and fly there? And surely any walkers on the roof would have stumbled over the edge long before then. And how the inside of the store was immaculate while the roof was so crumbling weak. Didn't make any sense even with the crashed helicopter on the roof. Sorry, doesn't work. Very contrived. And then we have the introduction of another “interracial couple” which seemed really contrived and just plain stupid. The Maggie / Glen thing always seemed dumb to me, but this latest thing made me want to turn the channel. If you struggled through the first 2 seasons like I did. Putting up with the boring plot and storyline, the highly contrived drama like Rick's son getting shot, the season with the Governor was a welcome relief. Last season was excellent. So the show's producers would do well to bring back the governor and have the idiot Machone or McCow or whatever her phony black name is dispatched by the governor. That's what I'm looking forward to. And if they don't deliver, I done with the series. Enough of the BS.

    • Tish

      So, what I gather is… you don't want anything deeper than zombie-killing going on. Yeah, the show's producer's should listen to you if they want it to go to hell in a handbasket…

  • Jaime

    Disagree completely with this writer. For once, it was nice to visually see them trying to live peacefully amid all the chaos they have faced in the past 3 seasons. If you let it, it could bring a certain type of misleading peace that if you are any type of TWD fan, you would know that it will never last very long. If you were paying attention at the the end of the show that was pretty obvious. In addition, who is to say we have seen the last crazy Clara in the woods, remember, Rick never shot her dead!! I can't wait for more!!!

  • Josh

    Check out this list of Modern TV anti-heroes:
    Rick Grimes is number 3!

  • Oracle

    Wonder if tomorrow night's show will garner 16.1 viewers?
    Halloween must be driving the upward trajectory because it's not as good as Season 1. It has a different “look” to it, too.

  • lovethembolts

    If there was any other zombie show on tv i would watch that instead of this. Walking dead is boring and filled with the stupid plot lines that lead no where and dont matter. The acting is decent and the effects are good. But the writing is dumb and plot is worse. A “flu” that causes people to spew up blood? No one keeps doors shut or locked, no guards. Massive zombie hordes by the fence only to disappear the next episode. Now, SPOILER ALERT, Carol has gone completely out of character by murdering two people. More than two people were sick, that does not make sense.

  • sweetcheeks

    I watch this show all the time, mainly because it was good/exciting in season 1. Rick, walking about, travelling, meeting people, different environments (the camp got a bit boring, and was a sign of things to come – farm, prison). Season two very boring, half of season three boring, season four very boring and not at all what it could be. Too much soul searching, re-capping, pauses while people look at each other, wasting time. Whenever Hershel shuffles on we all go “oh no” because a boring dialog is on it's way. It's more interesting when people are out and about doing stuff. I realise the point of the show is aimed more at examining the people/person coping side of things, but IMHO that's really boring. When it takes up 90% of each episode it's a very zzzzz. I think a series of different stories (like the webisodes) each week would make it more interesting, different people in different environments, instead of following the same people in the same place. It doesn't make for interesting TV. If I wanted morals and such I'd tune into any of the other 1 million US TV drama's there are (but that's exactly the purpose of this show anyway. shame) Don't want to see gore and fights all the time either, just not the boring dialog/recapping/soul searching. You'd think by now they'd all have gotten use to the apocalypse. Oh no, I'm turning into a script writer for TWD….

  • Jack Burton

    AMC is cutting corners by firing show-runner after show-runner…you get rid of talent your product will suffer. It's as simple as that..they basically wrote the worst possible storyline for Andrea last year, everyone hated it that it felt almost planned so they could get rid of another great actor from the payroll. They are running The Walking Dead like it's never making money instead of the opposite..pretty sad. I don't get why people hated Season 2. It had the best acting yet and proved that you need great actors and great directors every episode. Some of the Season 3 episodes were just plain bad. And they were pretty much all the ones WITHOUT the Governor…hint hint. Morrissey better return. And FAST. That guy carries the show with Rick wearing a dress now not using his gun…give me a break

  • fjrtraveler

    There's no real point to the story anymore. Just boring zombies chasing boring people.

  • little ass kicker

    What I find a bit annoying is that every show starts off strong and ends up like a soap opera.
    There really are enough soap opera's out there, the walking dead should be more exciting, why not:
    -Running Zombies
    - A bit smarter Zombies ( maybe have a couple of Zombies who are to be considered Alpha Zombies and control the stupid ones)

    At this point none of the characters are remotely interesting and that is because nothing is really happening every character is more or less the same even darryl starts being civilised and touchy feely.
    My guess is that if they keep this up ( or rather down) this will be the last season

  • Al415

    Very disappointed in this new season. The show has descended into horror film cliches and illogical coincidences. Not to mention that our cast of survivors, who spent the first three seasons honing their skills and making (mostly) well reasoned choices, are suddenly all on a bad-choice death-wish. I'll give them one more week.

  • RexKwonDO

    Zzzzzzzz, huh? Walking Dead? Lost interest a while back. The acting is bloody atrocious at times. They really need a huge ‘wow'/'shock’ element in the story to get it back to what it used to be, kill off a bunch of the main characters extremely violently or something. I also thought the story arc with Rick and the phone should've gone on for a lot longer like it did in the comics, that was a missed opportunity to go a bit darker which is what it's lacking IMO. For me, the show has lost it's way and is just regurgitating the same old rubbish. Only Michonne is keeping me interested right now. Gotta love a chick carving up zombies with a samurai sword!

  • Jason

    I couldn't agree more. The logic is ridiculous, the character development is non-existent, and the dialog is weak, and the plots are predictable now. The first two seasons of this show were must see TV for me, I couldn't pull myself away from it. Season 3 started the downturn, and season 4 is an insult to what this show was.

    • Josh

      Totally agree man! Season 1 and 2 were so great, I don't even pay attention to the new ones! They are just so boring, its like a different show!
      Bring back Shane haha!!

    • Neil Volk

      Omg man!!! Absolutely perfect explanation!

  • James

    Boring. Boring. Boring. It's become a snorefest with little action and lots of soap opera dialogue. Zombies are pathetic, actors are tired, and the storyline should be taken out back and stabbed through the head with a screwdriver. Its it time to switch channels yet?

  • John Colombo

    “Bored Now” – Willow Rosenberg

  • Andy

    The zombies in season 1 were shown picking up rocks and using them to break windows. The writers apparently totally forgot about that. That would've made the show infinitely more interesting if the zombies had some basic skills other than mindlessly walking towards food. Why don't the zombies evolve or why can't we have some that retain some level of intelligence? Having a war between humans and zombies who can think would be cool. I felt the season-premiere teased us with the possibility of half-human half-walker but killed it (literally). That would've added an entire new element to the show that was sorely needed, people who half-turn or something. Alas, we're stuck with the same boring predictable plots. The only character development that was worth a damn was Carol, and she bounced.

  • Andrea

    Especially after the last few episodes, I am so disappointed. You are right, The Walking Dead is wayyy better than this. I am afraid that if it does not pick up, they will lose many viewers. There is too much focus on small talk and not enough action!

  • Maggie

    I've been a fan since day 1 but the show has taken a turn it needs to come back from.I used to be on the edge of my seat week after week now it's lost that tension that timing between scenes. .The actors even answer questions for you now , First the oxygen tanks, then “well he's been dead for some time now”, so we know it's cue the zombie next, We've been watching, we know he'll turn just let it happen without spoon feeding… too much of that lately and the character Rick would never have ousted a healthy long time proven member of the group over a newbies protests when she's needed the most and recall that he led a young healthy kid to his death when they held him as prisoner so he can not be a judge It should have been up to the group. Carl would never have protested or ratted out Carol's teaching the kids to defend themselves since he's the first one to shoot. and at non zombie's for that matter. It's as if the writers did not watch the first few seasons or weren't in the room. My husband came in to watch but he dropped out already he was bored. They really need the old writers back to save this series. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but it has. I'm still in there hoping cause i grew to like the characters but instead of character development there been more zombie action and it's all repetition and where are they getting their haircuts. I saw a zombie with a perfectly coifed afro that shone not a hair out of place, really?, after all this time it was funny. They need to pay attention to the details, fans do notice. One of the writers was on the talking dead and I expected more but he sounded clueless about the show. The guest knew more about the characters .It was a shame. Still watching and hoping but for how long.

  • peter

    ive watched the show from the begginning, I loved season 1 and 2, but its been down hill since then….its not a “bad” show, but its just boring…they build up so much suspense and then nothing really happens…you kind of pay attention just in the hopes that something will happen but at the end of every episode this season im left with just this dumbfounded look on my face and the phrase “ok, and the point of this episode was?” I must say i liked last weeks episode about the governor after the fall of woodbury, but this weeks focus on him was even more boring than watching the main cast at the prison argue about morality. they better pick it up the rest of this season or i may not continue watching next year.

  • Tyler

    They fired the writers after season one and it has shown.

  • Dane

    I Agree! sad really the TWD is about to join the line off concepts and shows killed by budget cuts and bad storytelling.. Better to just end it for all off us. S 1 and 2 was good but then it was downhill.. Gone more in a scarymovie direction now, cramped halls and zombies lurling around every cornor.. And now the govenor is back.. A char i got really tired with in S 3.. The group should head out, maybe explore the contact they got on the radio.. maybe find some help and end it there or they die.. dunno just something.. end it.

  • chamroo

    Terrible, can't compare with Dallas. 2nd episode was the worst ever

  • Jack

    Omg are you fucking KIDDING me? I can't BELIEVE what has happened to TWD. Season 1 was fucking awesome and gripping; season 2 drifted into soap opera and stagnation for a lot of it but was still pretty compulsively watchable due to Shane (and Dale's role as moral compass amidst the gradually-devolving group). Something changed with Season 3; the writing wasn't as good, the script and the camerawork just didn't seem as cool or polished, but the introduction of The Governer did help to keep a bit of interest, as the actor was so compelling. But I could not fucking believe the amount of time they WASTED on fucking NOTHING at the prison. People moping around, people looking at each other, everyone looking concerned and constipated pretty much 100% of the time, AN ENTIRE FUCKING EPISODE SPENT ON ANGELA ESCAPING THEN GETTING CAUGHT AGAIN (WT EVER LIVING F), but still. The Governer. And then Season 4 comes along, and it takes everything which SUCKED about season 3 and decides to repeat it TIMES CUNTING A MILLION, but have WAY LESS GOVERNER too (???!). What's more, people are actually getting DUMBER. There is no fucking way ANYONE is behaving how they actually would. The characters just make pissing STUPID DECISION after STUPID DECISION. Tropes from season 2 are still being beaten into the ground FFS (Carl taunting a zombie and walking backwards, then the camera pans to his feet? Was there ANYONE ALIVE who was not screaming at the screen ‘FUCKING TRIP AND GET YOUR FACE EATEN OFF YOU WORTHLESS PRICK!'? Glenn punching a man twice his size in the face then turning and walking away like the guy is not going to come after him? People saying ‘I'll take my chances…'? PEOPLE USING THEIR FUCKING GUNS WHEN THEY DONT NEED TO? OMFG WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL DOING THIS?! Walking Dead just fucking PISSES ME OFF now. Plus in season 4 nearly all of the time is spent on those piss-boring lingering shots of people looking concerned, depressed, looking at each other, or looking around in disbelief at things. TWD – FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

  • rick

    no long boring analysis, the show was good, now it just plain sucks.

  • Kolef88

    Season 4 is the worst. new writers? ran out of ideas? focusing on 2 or 3 characters per episode is a tedious substitute for a real story.