‘What's the Deal': Jeff Sneider Gets Older, ‘Dazed and Confused’ Stays the Same Age (Video)

TheWrap's film reporter Jeff Sneider wants that sequel — NOW, YOU FRESHMAN PIGGIES

Richard Linklater hinted back in May that a “spiritual sequel” to his seminal “Dazed and Confused” was on his mind, and film reporter Jeff Sneider is getting tired of L-I-V-I-N without it.

Impatient though he may be, on the 20th anniversary of the movie that introduced us to Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey, Sneider can't help but heap praise on the film he says you cannot overrate.

Watch the video for a rare moment of @TheInSneider being all moony and blissed out (cue “Slow Ride”).

  • JimVincent

    As much as I love D&C, I don't see how they could do a sequel set in 1980 with the same actors. Kinda like how if Freaks & Geeks came back it would be set in 1994….who wants that?!?

    • Jason Larson

      “Spiritual” sequel doesn't mean it will have any relation to Dazed & Confused other than the tone and feeling of the movie.

      • JimVincent

        He mentioned seeing the characters again.

  • Biscuiteer