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10 Sites to Get Your Gawker Fix of Snark Now That It’s Gone

TheWrap suggests other digital alternatives now that Nick Denton’s website has disappeared

Now that Gawker has announced a shift away from snark and toward politics, its readers may be looking for a new alternative.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the website will become a politics site, with offshoots like Defamer, a Hollywood takedown site, to be shut down in favor of greater focus on other sites, such as the tech-focused Gizmodo.

Though no one site may completely fill the snark and media takedown void left by Gawker, TheWrap has a few recommendations for other sites to read that could at least partially take its place:



Ezra Klein’s news arm of Vox Media bills itself as an attempt to “explain the news.” The site covers topics ranging from politics, public policy and world affairs to pop culture, science and sports with a wonky spin.

The Awl Logo

The Awl

The Awl, which calls itself “the last weblog,” was started in 2009 with the intention of posting undercovered topics from an “intelligent” angle.

Jezebel logo


Also owned by Gawker Media, Jezebel is a feminist blog that employs the same Gawker snark. The blog’s tagline is “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.”

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Medium Logo


A blogging platform founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Medium was founded in 2012 and opened to the public in October of 2013, with the aim of offering a simple and elegant writing tool combined with a network centered on participation. More than 20,000 contribute each week.



Scott Jones’ FTVLive is an online TV news site that was founded in 2000 as a pay site, but became available to the masses in 2013. The site aims to report the latest news without “pandering” television executives.



New York Magazine’s pop culture arm, Vulture covers all aspects of entertainment, including movies, TV and music, with a humorous slant.

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Crazy Days and Nights

Best known for its blind items, Crazy Days and Nights also features red carpet and paparazzi photos to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip.

The Daily Banter Logo

Daily Banter

A mix of politics, pop culture and heavy on snark, The Daily Banter aims to prove that independent media can survive online through a mix of “highly quality journalism, unfiltered commentary (and snark!)”

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