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’20/20 on ID’ Details How Unabomber’s Family Ratted Him Out to Feds (Exclusive Video)

Linda Patrik speaks out for the first time about her initial suspicions of brother-in-law Ted Kaczynski

Step aside, Steven Avery: Investigation Discovery’s next “20/20 on ID Presents Homicide” will tell the unusual story of how the Unabomber was eventually brought to justice, TheWrap has learned exclusively.

Wednesday’s hour, hosted by “Nightline” anchor Byron Pitts, revisits how Ted Kaczynski was discovered and ratted out by his own brother David and sister-in-law Linda.

The Unabomber had evaded authorities for 18 years while his homemade bombs left three dead and nearly two dozen people injured. On the ID presentation, Linda Patrik speaks out for the first time about how she initially came to suspect her brother-in-law Ted was the infamous Unabomber. Eventually, a reluctant David realized she was probably right.

Watch the video above to learn why.

On next week’s airing, Linda and David will recount the anguish they endured in trying to rule out Ted as a suspect — and when they couldn’t, the delicate process of approaching the FBI while hoping to remain anonymous informants.

The episode also features Pitts’ interview with the one of the lead FBI special agents at the time of Kaczynski’s capture, Kathleen Puckett. She will walk viewers through the investigation, sharing the FBI missteps, red herrings, and moments up to and including the capturing of Kaczynski in his rural Montana cabin.

Additionally, one of Kaczynski’s victim’s, Gary Wright, revisits the parking lot where he unknowingly picked up a disguised bomb that nearly killed him.

The second episode of the awkwardly named five-part series “20/20 on ID Presents Homicide” premieres Wednesday at 10/9c.

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