Want to Fight AI? Use Fans – and Supercharge Them With Web3 | PRO Insight

Computer code that seeks to replicate human creativity can’t generate genuine connection

AI presents serious and daunting challenges to the media and entertainment industry, as I’ve written previously. But there are some things that AI simply can’t and never will match — things that are uniquely human, things that will become increasingly important, not less so, as AI’s disruption accelerates in a world without regulatory guardrails. 

One such thing is fandom, that mystical, almost metaphysical relationship between artists and their audiences. It’s AI’s kryptonite. In its soulfulness, fandom rebelliously repels and rejects computer code replication in a world increasingly overpowered by tech. If you ever have any doubt about that, just go to Coachella or Comic-Con to see fandom in all its glory.

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Peter Csathy

Peter Csathy is a WrapPRO contributor writing about the intersection between tech and entertainment/media. He's chairman of Creative Media (https://creativemedia.biz/), a boutique media, entertainment and tech business advisory and legal services firm. His monthly “Fearless Media” newsletter (https://fearlessmedia.substack.com/) covers the future of entertainment, media and tech; and his weekly “AI & NFT Legal Update” newsletter (https://ainftlegalupdate.substack.com/) covers the AI and Web3/NFT ecosystems. You can also listen to his “Fearless Media” podcast (https://fearlessmediapodcast.buzzsprout.com/) and follow him on Twitter @pcsathy.