Charlize Theron Shocked by Oscars Toast From Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo

The security guard and comedic foil referred to her as his “wife”

Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard and frequent comedic foil Guillermo Rodriguez started the party a little early when he brought tequila out for the Oscars audience on Sunday.

He toasted several people, including Coleman Domingo — aka “Coleman Flamingo” — and his “wife” Charlize Theron.

Don Julio was a sponsor of the awards show and directly after this moment, a Don Julio commercial aired during the break.

The bit started with host Kimmel giving special props to Domingo, who is nominated for Best Actor for his starring role in Netflix’s “Rustin.” That’s when Rodriguez interrupted Kimmel, handing Domingo a margarita.

He then began giving a toast to everyone in the audience, with a special-shout out to his “wife” Theron. Theron, in turn, could be seen saying, “I didn’t know we were married!”

It’s unclear if the entire audience actually got their Don Julio tequila, but Kimmel took a little sip, perhaps a nod to his frequent audience involvement on his late night show.


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