Check Out Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Comic-Con Trailer (Video)

San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Parallel universes and doppelgangers will be a big part of “The Man in the High Castle” Season 3

All kinds of news came out of Amazon’s panel for “The Man in the High Castle” Saturday at Comic-Con 2018, as well as a new trailer to give fans a look at the upcoming Season 3.

The cast and crew revealed during the panel that Season 3 will hit Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service on Oct. 5, and showed off new footage of the season that ramps up its sci-fi sensibilities. The panel revealed that Season 3 will concern “the anomaly,” a bridge between universes, and characters will be trying to travel between parallel realities — and even meet versions of themselves that live in those realities.

Watch the Comic-Con trailer above.

“The Man in the High Castle” is based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, and imagines a world in which World War II played out differently, with the Allies losing the war and the Third Reich and Japan taking over the United States. In the show, the country is divided between Japan, which controls the West Coast, and the Nazis, who rule everything east of the Rocky Mountains.

The story focuses on the political turmoil between the Nazis and Japan as they slowly turn on each other, while also focusing on Americans who’ve joined the Reich (like Rufus Sewelll’s character, John Smith) and those who are resisting their occupiers (like Alexa Davalos’ character, Juliana Crain). And like the novel, the show revealed that the alternate history of “The Man in the High Castle” is actually a universe parallel to ones in which the Axis powers did lose, like in ours.

In addition to dropping all kinds of new information on fans about how “The Man in the High Castle” will approach its alternate universes in Season 3, Amazon’s panel also contained another bombshell. That was the news that pre-production has already begun on Season 4, and that Amazon has renewed the show for another season.