Chris Farley as ‘Shrek’: Watch Footage of Comedy Icon Voicing the Ogre Before Mike Myers (Video)

Former “Saturday Night Live” star was set to play the animated character before his death in 1997

Early test footage of the late Chris Farley providing the voice of DreamWorks’ animated ogre Shrek has leaked online.

Farley, known for his time on “Saturday Night Live” and big screen comedies including “Tommy Boy,” was originally cast as Shrek and began recording the dialogue before he died of a drug overdose in 1997.

In the footage found this week, Shrek and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) sit around a camp fire and delve into Shrek’s troubled relationship with his parents, and his desire to stay isolated from the world in his swamp.

Following Farley’s death, fellow “SNL” alum Mike Meyers took over the role of Shrek. The first film was a massive success, grossing $484 million globally. It has since spawned three sequels, two television specials, and the spinoff film “Puss in Boots.”

Watch the video.