Clinton Campaign Ad Mashes Up All the Things Mike Pence Denied Trump Ever Said (Video)

Only one problem with that: He said them on tape

That didn’t last long.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a spiffy new ad showing Mike Pence contradicting Donald Trump during the vice presidential debate with Tim Kaine on Tuesday.

“At the VP debate Mike Pence seemed to discover he was Donald Trump’s running mate,” the ad starts. “He has a hard time with the news.”

The ad then goes on to show all the times Pence, who was declared the winner of the debate by CNN’s snap poll, denied Trump ever saying all the things he said.

Pence was both criticized by the left and hailed by conservatives for deftly deflecting questions regarding Trump’s many gaffes (and there were so many to choose from).

Only one problem with that tactic: Trump said all those things … on tape.

The Clinton camp wasted no time in splicing Pence’s claims with the actual things that both Trump and Pence have said on the campaign trial.

“It’s OK Mike,” the ad ends, “we’d have a hard time defending him, too.”

Kaine interrupted Pence early and often during the debate, which cable news pundits frequently pointed out during post-event coverage. Kaine’s strategy appeared to be to interrupt Pence whenever he tried to make a point, often quoting Trump in an attempt to use the GOP nominee’s rhetoric against him.

Later on Twitter, Trump used the steady stream of interruptions to declare Pence the “big” winner.

Watch the video above.