CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash Mocked as ‘Faces of the Collapse of American Media’ for Not Fact Checking Trump’s ‘Firehose’ of Debate Lies

“Democracy suffered a devastating blow tonight,” human rights lawyer and SiriusXM host Qasim Rashid says

Debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash on June 27, 2024
Presidential debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash (Credit: CNN)

President Joe Biden had a widely bemoaned showing during CNN’s debate with 2024 Republican nominee Donald Trump on Thursday. But moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were also in for a thorough drubbing on social media as people suggested that their failure to fact check the former president marked “the collapse of American media.”

“I wonder if Jack Tapper and Dana Bash realize how much — through their silence and unwillingness to correct lie after lie spewed by a narcissistic felon on stage –they have just become the faces of the collapse of American media,” musician and writer Mikel Jollett wrote on X.

Not fact checking Trump’s “firehose of lies” was “unforgivable,” added political commentator Keith Olbermann, who said that the broadcast reflected “CNN’s utter failure as a news organization.”

“Democracy suffered a devastating blow tonight,” Qasim Rashid, a human rights lawyer and media specialist behind “Let’s Address This,” wrote.

Rashid added: “Jake Tapper and Dana Bash should never be allowed to moderate a presidential debate again.”

Writer Charlotte Clymer added, “Apparently, ‘debate moderator’ means a person who can read questions off a card and do absolutely no follow-up or fact checking or accountability or context for voters. This is truly one of CNN’s worst nights. Everyone involved in making decisions for it should feel embarrassed.”

One angry Democrat voter said it more succinctly: “Jake Tapper and Dana Bash are trash.”

Activist Raquel Willis called CNN’s hosting “sloppy and dangerous … There is absolutely no journalistic or moral integrity for these moderators who refuse to fact check.”

At least one CNN employee was doing a live fact check during the debate, senior reporter Daniel Dale, but apparently only on social media.

“[Dale] is doing a fabulous job of fact checking this debate. A pity that his stuff isn’t appearing on the debate broadcast screen,” lamented Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple on X.

In a statement to TheWrap, a CNN spokesperson said, “We are very proud of Jake and Dana. Our job was to make sure candidates were heard so voters can make informed decisions and we are pleased we were able to do that.”

And reactions to Tapper and Bash’s performance were not universally negative, with the likes of Brian Stelter dubbing them “the most impressive people at the debate so far” and Scott Jennings saying “they gave this country what it needed out of this historic event. Great job to them and everyone at CNN.”

Read a full roundup of the negative feedback below.


8 responses to “CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash Mocked as ‘Faces of the Collapse of American Media’ for Not Fact Checking Trump’s ‘Firehose’ of Debate Lies”

  1. Gribble Avatar

    Biden has to step down. A younger candidate needs to replace Joe and call out Trump as the lying convicted felon he is.

  2. MM Avatar

    🎤📺 Debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash faced intense criticism for not fact-checking Trump’s numerous false statements during CNN’s presidential debate. Many on social media lamented their silence, calling it a failure of American media and a blow to democracy.

    1. Q Avatar

      The media has been in the tank for Democrats since Reagan.  Now you speak up?

  3. James Avatar

    No mention of Biden’s lies being fact checked?

    1. Citizen of Planet Earth Avatar
      Citizen of Planet Earth

      exactly my thoughts. that ole spill about calling soldiers “losers” has been denied by everyone except Biden himself. and all those “new” jobs are just replacement jobs or 2nd jobs. And calling Trump a felon will only work until its reversed. then what are you gonna call him? Try President Trump.  Biden is a pathetic excuse for a President and has been a stooge all along. Maybe you should consult James Clapper and the 51 “intelligence experts”. All total BS.   

  4. Q Avatar

    What about fact checking Biden’s lies and distortions? 

  5. SunnyinArizona Avatar

    And Biden mumbled the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth??? Good golly people.  Go drink some more Kool Aid. 

  6. Kathryn Noonan Avatar
    Kathryn Noonan

    Jake Tapper and Dana Bash put ‘faces’ on the term ‘potted plants’.  Their excuse is that they decided to just let the voters make an informed decision based on the participant’s plans.

    That gave Trump an open field to lie about everything without consequence.  They say they just followed the rules.  Sometimes, you have to make an executive decision.

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