Colbert Mocks the Size of Trump Supporters’ Protest in NYC: ‘Less Jan. 6 and More Jan and 6 of Her Friends’ (Video)

The turnout outside Trump Tower came in the days following the former president’s threats of “potential death and destruction”

Stephen Colbert took a moment Monday night to reflect on the last week of Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again indictment, ribbing the former president for the lack of protesters seen in New York City despite his calls to protest and “take our nation back.”

It was “less Jan. 6 and more Jan and six of her friends,” the “Late Show” host quipped.

Colbert began his monologue by recounting how the former president had predicted March 18 that he was going to be arrested the following Tuesday, March 21.

“Everyone was so excited, but alas, it did not happen, making this his most inaccurate forecast since every time he said, ‘Till death do us part,’” Colbert joked. But that wasn’t all. In his March 18 post on Truth Social, Trump also called for protests from his supporters and in a later post warned that his arrest could lead to “potential death and destruction.” While his arrest has yet to come from the Manhattan DA – and there’s a chance it never will – what was seen in New York City last week lacked such grandiosity.

“In his post, the former president also encouraged his supporters to protest, take our nation back, and warned that his arrest could bring about potential death and destruction,” Colbert said. “What, again? He wants a sequel to January 6 with the protests and violence.”

But, he continued, “the protests were perhaps not as large as he had called for, ’cause this is it.” Colbert then pulled up a video of a small group of supporters holding “Trump Won” signs outside Trump Tower. “So it’s less Jan. 6 and more Jan and six of her friends.”

Adding more flavor to the scene, Colbert then pulled up a report from Newsweek: “One reporter who was at the protest described it by saying, ‘It’s just a bunch of cameras taking a picture of a guy who was putting on a rat suit next to a guitar with the words “hang Fauci” on it.’ So Rudy was there? Was that the rat suit?”

Watch the full “Late Show” monologue in the video above.