Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Embarrassing,’ ‘Creepy’ CPAC Speech Full of ‘Mouth-Oopsies’: ‘The United Straights of America’ (Video)

The late night host also teased the former president for claiming that the Biden administration hid the wall he built at the southern border

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took aim at former president Donald Trump’s “creepy” speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference during Monday night’s monologue, particularly poking fun at the embattled politician’s mispronounced slips on the mic (“The United Straights of America” and more).

Trump opened his remarks to CPAC attendees on Saturday by calling himself their “warrior,” “justice” and “retribution” for supporters who have been “wronged and betrayed.”

“I haven’t heard a political speech this dark since H.W. Bush at the 1992 convention,” Colbert joked, before playing a video that dubbed over the late 41st president’s voice with the words, “Read my lips, I will kill Clinton’s dog.”

In addition to “terrifying previews of fascism to come,” Colbert said Trump also had “silly moments” like his remarks about the Biden administration “taking away” and “hiding” the wall he built at the southern border.

“Yes, they hid it in a hiding area,” Colbert teased. “Where is that? Maybe you can find it in the all-new MAGA kids book: ‘Where Wall Go?’”

Colbert went on to mock Trump for “classic mouth-oopsies” when he went after Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump called Bragg a “racist” who is presiding over “one the most dangerous cities in the United Straights.”

“Yes, the United Straights of America,” Colbert said. “Also known as the crowd at a Dave Matthews concert.”

He added that it was “pretty embarrassing” that Trump mispronounced the name of the country before playing another clip saying he’d challenge the governors of all 50 “spates.”

“Yes, he will challenge the governors of all 50 spates, like Alabapa, Ipado, Wappington and Mippippippi,” Colbert said.

Trump also said that he would support “baby bonuses for a new baby boom,” adding that men are “so lucky.”

“What? Wait, lucky because of sex?,” a stunned Colbert said. “Does he think wives only have sex with their husbands if there’s money involved? Oh wait, yeah that makes sense.”

In addition, he noted that Trump wants to make an investment in flying cars.

“Are his policies being written by eight year olds?,” Colbert questioned. “So we have cool awesome cities and everybody gets around in a flying car, and there’s an awesome tree fort with a slide, and all of the drinking fountains have chocolate milk in them, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is named official “secretary of being my friend for life” and mommy gets money for having sex with daddy. And that’s what I did this summer.”

Watch the full monologue in the video above.