Colin Firth Backstage at the Oscars: ‘I Don’t Support’ PG-13 ‘King’s Speech’

Oscar-winning actor takes exception that his film is being watered down for a softer rating

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"The King's Speech" actor Colin Firth was talking up a storm backstage, and one of the biggest topics of discussion?

That he's displeased with the Weinstein Company's decision to cut some of the coarse language from the film in order to land a PG-13 rating for the movie.

Firth noted, "I don't support [the cuts] … I think the film has its integrity as it stands. I think that scene belongs where it is I think it serves a purpose. "

Firth, a father of two sons himself, admits that some of the language in "The King's Speech" might be troubling for younger viewers, but he sees it as necessary to the film.

"I hate hearing that language around them but I’m not going to deny them the experience of a live game and it does distress me to hear that language bawled in the ears of my kids so I don't take this stuff lightly but the context of this … [it] could not be more edifying more appropriate," Firth opined. "It’s not vicious it’s not to do with insult. It’s not in any of the contexts which might offend people really. It’s about a man who’s trying to free himself … I think the film should stand where it is."