Conservative Radio Host Joe Walsh Apologizes for ‘Hurtful Things’ He’s Said About Islam

Earlier this week, Walsh suggested he might challenge President Trump for GOP nomination in 2020

Joe Walsh What Is America

Conservative radio host Joe Walsh, known for years’ worth of incendiary statements, apologized for “hurtful comments” he’s made about Islam Friday.

“I’ve said some hurtful things about Islam. Apologize for that. I stand by what I said about Islamism. Thanks,” the former Tea Party congressman wrote in a tweet to Maysoon Zayid, a disability advocate who followed up on a statement he made about preferring to be a man who apologizes over one incapable of apologizing.

Walsh was on an apology streak Friday morning, tweeting, that President Trump “represents the absolute worst of us: Dishonest, cruel, ignorant, indecent, narcissistic, disloyal, unpatriotic, and cowardly.”

“And I helped create him,” he added. “And for that I apologize.”

His apologies inspired George Conway, husband of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, to tweet, “Exactly. Who among us hasn’t done something to apologize for? I was wrong to vote for and support Trump, and I apologize. Millions of others know they were wrong too, and @WalshFreedom sets an example for them. In that sense, he’s the perfect person to stand up to Trump.”

After speaking out against Trump last week, Walsh said Thursday he was considering running against the president in the Republican primary.

Zayid and Walsh did not immediately return requests for comment.