‘Daily Show’ Reveals What Fox News Covering Trump Like Hunter Biden Would Look Like: ‘A White-Privileged, Sexist, Spoiled Brat’ | Video

“If you change the footage from Hunter Biden to Trump, Fox News makes some really good points,” the clip’s official description notes

“The Daily Show” released a clip Wednesday titled, “Fox on Hunter Biden’s Verdict But Make The Footage Trump.” It critiqued Fox News’ coverage of Donald Trump — by showing what it would look like if they’d covered the former president’s trial using the same language they’re now using to talk about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s gun conviction.

“Guilty, guilty, guilty. For the first time in his life, a white, privileged, sexist, spoiled brat faced the music,” Fox News anchor Jesse Watters said in the first clip — next to a photo of Donald Trump with “GUILTY” written in red stamped print across the former president, altering the context of the host’s words.

Hunter Biden was found guilty on Tuesday of three felony charges, each of which are related to his federal handgun purchase application in 2018, where he denied being addicted to or using drugs at the time.

Fox News had a lot to say about the conviction of the president’s son. It’s no secret that the cable news outlet did not agree with the verdict of the Trump trial, where he was found guilty on 34 felony accounts.

However, in the case of Biden, Fox News anchors said that “the evidence in this case was overwhelming” — according to Sean Hannity — and that he “should have pleaded guilty before this trial ever began.” Prominent mainstream legal experts have made similar claims about the evidence against Trump, considering it largely an open-and-shut case.

In the “Daily Show” segment, they pulled some of the most notable quotes from Hunter Biden’s trial coverage, but replacing photos and video of Hunter with those of Trump to illustrate the irony.

“The jury just didn’t buy it. They did it in record time, and they did it based upon the evidence and the law,” Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said in one of the clip’s most striking quotes. In another clip, she noted, “It’s almost like this is karma.”

“Going into this next case, he’s going in there now as a convicted felon, right before an election,” Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley said.

Watch the full “Daily Show” segment on Fox News’ coverage of Hunter Biden vs. that of Donald Trump in the video above.


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