Jeanine Pirro Floats Commander Conspiracy Theory: Biden’s Dog Was ‘Involved in Hunter’s Cocaine’ | Video

The German Shepherd has moved out of the White House and into the home of family friends after more than 20 incidents

On Thursday “The Five” co-host Jeanine Pirro launched into a baffling explanation for the removal of President Biden’s dog Commander from the White House. She told the Fox News audience, “There’s something wrong. He’s either getting involved in Hunter’s cocaine, the dime bag, something’s going on.”

“Or, you know, there is… it’s just not a happy place,” she continued. “And, you know, it’s just a reflection of the environment that he’s in. And, you know, it’s not just the Secret Service. So if you want to blame the Secret Service, it’s the Executive staff, it’s the White House workers closing off the East Wing for 20 minutes from the tour because there’s so much blood on the floor.”

On Wednesday documents obtained by CNN and other outlets through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed Commander has bitten at least 24 people during the Biden presidency. A source told CNN that the attacks caused “a breach of trust” between the Bidens, the Secret Service agents who protect them, and the White House residence staff.

The documents also revealed that members of the staff who were tasked with walking and caring for Commander have been treated at the White House following several incidences. A former White House official who had experience with the dog told Axios that the Bidens “refuse to engage in any problem-solving discussions to protect the agents and [Executive Residence] staff.”

A White House official denied that claim to the outlet.

Commander left the White House in October 2023, two and a half years after the family’s German Shepherd Major was removed for similar attacks. Both dogs are, however, rescue animals.

Pirro also said in the broadcast that she’s personally owned several “serious guard dogs” before she added that if one had bitten anyone, “you can rest assured they would have sanctioned me and I would have had to euthanize that dog.”

“So the bottom line is that, you know, they don’t—there’s something going on that’s not right. They can’t even train the dog, and we’re supposed to have them run the country.”

Earlier in the conversation, Harold Ford Jr. attempted to defend Commander. He said of the dog, “This dog is a protective dog, and we should all have a Commander in our lives that would protect us like this.” As his fellow hosts voiced their disagreement, he went on, “And I just, I can’t, we all love dogs. And he’s protecting, he, I’ve never heard that he bit Joe Biden.”

“So they clearly need some more training, and they’ve got to figure out how to make this right, but I’m not gonna… none of us would attack a dog,” he added.


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