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Disney Gives Chief Bob Iger a 25% Pay Raise

CEO got $28 million in 2010, rewarded for stock performance

Disney chief Bob Iger was paid $29.6 million in 2010, or about 25 percent more than the year before, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing.

In the filing, the company's board of directors lauded Iger's "exceptional performance" in a tough economy.

(Click here to see the filing.)

Iger’s pay raise was a reward for the strong performance of Disney’s stock, which ended the 2010 fiscal year up 24 percent, or $32.98 per share.

Iger's base salary was $2 million, but as the Associated Press points out, his performance-related bonus jumped 45 percent to $13.5 million (up from $9.3 million) and stock options valued at $11.8 million (up from $9.5 million).

And Iger’s “other compensation rose nearly 8 percent to $798,433, including personal use of company aircraft and security costs.”

Disney’s net income during its 2010 fiscal year increased 20 percent (to $3.96 billion) under Iger’s watch, and revenue grew more than 5 percent to $38.06 billion.

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