Doc/Fest, IndieGoGo Partner to Fund Docs on Rock, Environment and The Donald

Documentary festival teams with crowdfunding platform to single out five films

A rock doc that only needs to raise the final $686 of its $30,000 goal and a rabble-rousing film that still needs $15,880 out of $16,000 are among the first beneficiaries of an  international, multi-year partnership between the Sheffield Doc/Fest and the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform, Doc/Fest and IndieGoGo announced on Thursday.

The collaboration creates Crowdfunding Fellows, which will consist of documentary projects selected by the Doc/Fest staff from among the many films looking for funding on IndieGoGo. Those projects, according to the release announcing the partnership, will be "actively promoted throughout the international documentary community" via the connection with Doc/Fest, one of the world's largest and most prestigious documentary festivals.

Anyone Can Play Guitar”At Doc/Fest we’re passionate about the potential of new technology and new opportunities for funding and distribution,” said Doc/Fest MarketPlace director Charlie Phillips in the release. “Crowdfunding [is] the future of collaboration between filmmakers, who can support each other outside of the constraints of both public and private finance."

Since its launch in 2008, the San Francisco-based IndieGoGo has given more than 23,000 campaigns, inventions, startups and films a platform to raise funds from individual contributions.

The first five Crowdfunding Fellows have largely been filmed, and are looking for additional funds to finish post-production. The films, with IndieGoGo links:

"Anyone Can Play Guitar." Film about the local rock scene in Oxford, England, which spawned Radiohead, Ride, Supergrass, Swervedriver and others. Out of a goal of $30,000, $29,314 has already been raised.

"Kettling of the Voices." An examination of the tactic of "kettling" (containment or corralling) as it is used to control protesters, and of the right to protest and the governmental efforts to suppress that right. Goal: $16,000; raised: $120.

"Up in Smoke." Doc follows a British scientist who has perfected the agricultural technique of "alley cropping," a less destructive alternative to the slash and burn farming that has devastated equatorial forests.  Goal: $6,000; raised: $0.

"Victor, Victorioso." A London-based Mexican-American filmmaker's doc about a human rights activist in Tijuana who crusades for street vendors, prostitutes and other marginalized members of society. Goal: $9,000; raised: $2,040.

"You've Been Trumped." A look at Donald Trump's efforts to build a luxury golf resort on an environmentally sensitive area in Scotland. Goal: $19,000; raised: $14,715.


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