Hollywood, Media React to Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis: ‘Coronavirus, Stand Back and Stand By’

“In this difficult time let’s be sure to show @realDonaldTrump the respect he’s shown others,” Danny Zuker, creator of “Modern Family,” tweeted

Donald Trump Melania Trump

After news broke late Thursday night that President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus, many celebrities took to Twitter to note the irony of Trump — who has long downplayed the virus — contracting it.

“But it’s a Democratic Hoax? How could this have happened?! And WHY did you get tested?! That’s what causes it!” Yvette Nicole Brown, one of the stars of “Community,” tweeted.

Whitney Cummings joked, “I don’t get how Melania got it – she’s been social distancing from trump since they got married.”

“Coronavirus, stand back and stand by,” director Zack Bornstein tweeted.

Alyssa Milano, a vocal critic of the president, took the high road and tweeted, “As someone who has had #COVID19 and still suffers from post-covid syndrome, I can honestly say with all that I am that I wouldn’t wish this virus on my worst enemy. Please wear a mask.”

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