Stephen Colbert Cancels Tuesday’s ‘The Late Show’ Because He Still Has COVID

The CBS late night host tested positive on Monday and recorded from home

Stephen Colbert
"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (Photo Credit: CBS)

If you’re here wondering why “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” isn’t new tonight, wonder no further. Tuesday’s episode was canceled at the last minute because Colbert is still battling a recent COVID-19 infection.

“I always want to be able to do the show the audience deserves, but today Covid had other plans. Taking it day by day and I hope we can all see each other tomorrow night,” Colbert said in a message posted on X (the social media site formerly known as Twitter) on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, Colbert taped his parts of “The Late Show” from his home after testing positive for the illness. In his monologue, he explained that he had somewhat mild symptoms. “”Flaming throat, a little sweaty, coughy,” he said.

“So that’s it. I have a COVID-19 again, even though it’s 2023. I should at least have something new, like COVID 23,” Colbert joked after explaining why Monday’s episode was being recorded remotely. “I hear it has a better camera and the USB C charging port so you can use it in Europe.”

Colbert’s condition wasn’t elaborated on in his message Tuesday, but as he explained Monday, “I learned something interesting about COVID protocols today. We still have them.” And per those protocols, he won’t be able to return to the Ed Sullivan Theater until he tests negative.

It’s likely then that while on Monday it was deemed too difficult to simply cancel the episode, they had enough time since his initial diagnosis to prepare for the possibility Tuesday’s might not happen.

It’s a bummer for viewers hoping to catch Colbert’s interview with Rachel Maddow, plus musical guest Caroline Polachek. We’ll let you know when and if they’re rescheduled.

But there might be an event bigger bummer on Wednesday, because as of this writing, in addition to the always excellent Daniel Caeser as musical guest, Colbert is also scheduled to sit down with Talking Heads. And we mean, the full original lineup of Tina Weymouth, David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrison.

They’ve been booked because the quartet recently set aside their differences and have at least promotionally reunited thanks to the celebrated reissue of their 1984 concert film “Stop Making Sense.” Of course, we’re all really hoping that at some point they’re going to make longtime fans’ dreams come true and announce a reunion tour.

But if Colbert continues testing positive for COVID, chances are good Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show” will be canceled.

What we’re getting at is, well, we cosign CBS:


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