‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Dulcé Sloan Ribs Jon Stewart for Returning as Host: ‘Come on Sir, Go Do Something New’ | Video

“This is the same s—t all over again. It’s just the reboot.”

Jon Stewart Daily Show Return
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“Daily Show” correspondent Dulcé Sloan mocked returning host Jon Stewart while pretending to talk about a Trump and Biden rematch saying, “Like let someone else run the show.”

Stewart returned to the gig after a nine-year hiatus on Monday, focusing on the 2024 election with two aging options. 

During the program’s segment with correspondents, Sloan was seen outside a diner with Stewart asking, “Why aren’t you inside the diner asking people what they think?”

“I know what they think,” Sloan replied. “It’s what everybody thinks. This is the same s—t all over again. It’s just the reboot.”

“We need more than just the same show with an older, yet familiar face,” Sloan said intending for a double meaning. 

“You’re talking about the two candidates?” Stewart probed, beginning to send that Sloan was talking about his return to the “Daily Show.” 

“Yeah! I mean, they already had this job,” Sloan continued. “Now these old white dudes gotta come back and reclaim it? Like come on sir, go do something new. It’s so desperate.”

Sloan added, “Like let someone else run the show.”

Stewart asked again, “We’re talking about the election right?”

“I said what I said,” Sloan replied. 


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