Dwayne Johnson Says He Would ‘For Sure’ Consider a Run for President ‘Down the Road’ (Video)

Right now, Johnson says being a dad to his young daughters is “the most important thing to me”

After revealing just days ago that he was formally approached by multiple parties to run for president, Dwayne Johnson is starting to lean a little closer to committing to just that. But, he says, it’ll still be “down the road.”

Calls for Johnson to run first began back in 2022 but, at the time, he said it was “off the table.” He noted last October that he’s “seriously considered it,” but his focus for the time being is on being a dad to his young daughters. And that remains true today.

But, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Monday, the idea of running for president went from “off the table” to a “for sure” — just, later on.

“I think, down the road, for sure,” Johnson told Jimmy Fallon when asked if it’s something he’s even really interested in doing.

Johnson then explained that, with two daughters under the age of 10, he wants to be around to watch them grow up, which he wasn’t able to do with his first daughter, who’s now 22.

“At that time, I was wrestling full-time, 230 dates, 200 wrestling matches a year, so I was always gone,” he explained. “And I know what that’s like to have an occupation that takes me away from being a daddy. And this time around, with my 7- and my 5-year-old, I want to be daddy, and that’s the most important thing to me.”

You can watch Johnson’s full appearance on “The Tonight Show” in the video above.


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