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Edward and Bella Battle Vampire Army in ‘Eclipse’ Trailer

Action heavy teaser for ”Twilight“ sequel airs on ”Oprah“

A new trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" debuted on "Oprah" Friday. It provides several important plot nuggets for the handful of fans who haven’t read the Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romances cover to cover.

The first trailer, which debuted with March in conjunction with the release of Robert Pattinson’s "Remember Me," emphasized the star crossed lovers aspect of the film. This teaser plays up the action elements, pausing ever so briefly for a few tender moments between Pattinson and his lady love Bella (Kristen Stewart).

The third film apparently centers on a vampire army that’s been assembled by the villianous bloodsucker Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). The legions of the undead descend on Bella’s hometown of Forks, forcing the vampires to team up with their werewolf adversaries to combat the threat. Cue the Wagnerian soundtrack!