Eric Trump Doesn’t Know Which State Mike Pence Governs (Video)

It’s not Illinois

Eric Trump apparently doesn’t know which state his father’s running mate governs.

Donald Trump’s son mistakenly said on Fox News that Mike Pence is the governor of Illinois, when in fact the VP nominee was elected governor of Indiana in 2012.

“Mike is solid as a rock, and I’ve got to know him incredibly well,” Trump said during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom.” “His track record in his home state, in Illinois, or in — his home state is exactly why we picked him and why my father picked him. He’s amazing.”

Trump called the error a slip of the tongue when host Bill Hemmer corrected him during the interview.

This is not the first time Trump has caused a headache for his father’s campaign. Back in August when Donald Trump came under fire for saying that his daughter Ivanka would “find another career” if she were to be subject to sexual harassment in the workplace, his son doubled down the remarks during an appearance wtih “CBS This Morning” adding, “I don’t think [Ivanka] would allow herself to be subjected to that.”

Pence will face off in a vice presidential debate with Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on Tuesday.