‘Eternals’: Watch Kumail Nanjiani Battle a Diabolical ‘Deviant’ in Teaser Clip (Video)

Nice move, indeed

Marvel Studios’ “Eternals,” about a group of ageless superheroes who emerge from the shadows to thwart a diabolical threat, is set to premiere Monday ahead of its Nov. 5 debut. And if you weren’t already intrigued by what a Chloé Zhao-directed comic book movie would be, a teaser clip released Friday should seal the deal.

In the clip, we see a bunch of giant monsters (dubbed Deviants) coming out of the water. Considering the movie supposedly spans 7,000 years ago, this scene seems to be set in some far more ancient time. And most impressively, we get to see some of the new heroes.

There’s Ikaris (Richard Madden), shooting laser beams out of his eyes; Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) with the energy fingers; and Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, complete with super speed. But the best moment comes at the end of the clip, when Kingo and Makkari sign to each other about a job well done in destroying a Deviant. (Ridloff is the first deaf superhero in the MCU.)

At the very least the clip demonstrates that Zhao’s big-hearted humanism is still there, along with her newfound knack for staging action set pieces and orchestrating elaborate visual effects. They might have been around forever, but it’s hard to wait for “Eternals.”