‘Fargo’ Year 5 Trailer Puts Jon Hamm in a Hot Tub With Nipple Rings (Video)

The FX crime anthology series returns in November

Prepare to see Jon Hamm like you’ve never seen him before: sporting nipple rings and a cowboy hat while lounging in a hot tub. That’s just one of the head-scratching moments buried in the trailer for “Fargo” Year 5.

The trailer starts with two cops telling Wayne Lyon (David Rysdahl) that his wife isn’t who she says she is. It then shifts to clips of Juno Temple as Dot Lyon fighting and scheming for her life.

“Let me tell you what I see. I see a woman who outsmarted two kidnappers,” Richa Moorjani, who plays Deputy Indira Olmstead, says in the trailer.

As much fun as it is to watch Temple strategically place ice cubes and play with flamethrowers as she “Home Alones” her way through the season, the real star of this first trailer is Jon Hamm’s Sheriff Roy Tillman. The first time his character appears, Sheriff Tillman is soaking outside in a hot tub, his cowboy hat and nipple rings on full display.

“There is no one on God’s green Earth who’s a greater enforcer of the laws than Roy Tillman,” Hamm’s character says as the camera cuts between scenes of him raising a gun and an elaborate billboard for his sheriff re-election campaign.

“Fargo” will return to FX for its fifth installment on November 21 with its first two episodes. New episodes will then premiere on Tuesdays for a total of 10 episodes. Though the series will premiere linearly on the network, Hulu subscribers will be able to stream new episodes on Wednesdays.

This time around “Fargo” year five is sticking closer to its titular movie. Just like in the original Coen brothers’ film, this season will involve a housewife and a kidnapping attempt. But unlike the movie, it’s the mother Lyon people should be afraid of, not the kidnappers.

The installment follows Dot Lyon (Temple, “Ted Lasso”), a seemingly typical Midwestern housewife with a dark past. Hot on her tail is the preacher, rancher and lawman Roy Tillman (Hamm, “Mad Men”) who will do anything to hunt her down with the help of his son Gator (Joe Keery, “Stranger Things”) and a shadowy drifter by the name of Ole Munch (Sam Spruell, “Taken 3”). If that wasn’t enough for Dot, she also has to hide her past from her well-meaning husband Wayne (Rysdahl, “Nine Days”), his cutthroat mother known as the “Queen of Debt” Lorraine (Jennifer Jason Leigh, “The Hateful Eight”) and two police officers who are suspicious of her, Lamorne Morris’ (“New Girl,” “Woke”) Deputy Witt Farr and Richa Moorjani’s (“Never Have I Ever”) Deputy Indira Olmstead.

Executive producer Noah Hawley serves as the showrunner, writer and director of this installment. Warren Littlefield (“The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Old Man”), Steve Stark, Kim Todd and Joel and Ethan Coen also serve as executive producers. Hawley’s production company 26 Keys and Littlefield’s production company The Littlefield Company produce this season along with MGM Television and FX Productions. MGM Television serves as the lead studio, and Amazon and MGM Studios Distribution will oversee international distribution.


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