Growing Female Representation Behind the Camera Has Helped Reach Wider TV Audiences | Charts

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Shows with female directors saw the greatest growth in demand share, from 12% in 2017 to 21% in 2023

Christina Ricci in "Burial" episode of "Yellowjackets"
Christina Ricci in "Yellowjackets" (Showtime)

In the past six years, there has been increasing female representation behind the camera in the TV industry. The number of new series with a majority female behind-the-camera (BTC) representation in 2023 was 48% higher than in 2017.  During this same period, as more content was being made with a majority-female BTC representation, audience demand for these shows also grew. 

The share of demand for newly released shows with a female-majority talent behind the camera more than doubled, from 8% to 17%. Among these productions the demand has outpaced the supply, suggesting each new series, on average, is of higher quality and capturing a high share of audience attention.


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