Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke Reunite for ‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2, Part 2 Trailer (Video)

Kate needs Tully more than ever in the teaser for the Netflix hit drama’s final episo

Netflix released the trailer for “Firefly Lane” Season 2, Part 2 on Monday, giving viewers a glimpse into the final installment of the adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s best-selling novel.

“Life hasn’t really felt the same since I lost my best friend,” Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl) says at the beginning of the clip, which you can see above.

After realizing those words make it sound as if Kate (Sarah Chalke) has died, Tully quickly corrects herself.

“We just stopped speaking. She’s actually probably great,” she says.

But Kate is far from great. Season 2, Part 1 left off with Kate receiving a fatal diagnosis that she would under normal circumstances immediately share with her best friend, but the distance she had put between herself and Tully didn’t help in getting to Tully. The two take separate elevators in Tully’s building — Tully heading down to embark on a new job, while Kate takes the other one up to tell Tully her news, so they miss each other.

The two friends, known as Firefly Lane Girls forever, stopped talking after Tully drove Kate’s daughter, Mara (Yael Yurman), home from a frat party. Tully did everything right, but a car ran a red light and crashed into them, injuring Mara. Kate vowed to never forgive her BFF.

“I just really need you, OK?” Kate sobs on the phone while leaving Tully a message.

It takes Tully a second to get back from her job in Antarctica, so her arrival to Kate’s house comes with a shock.

And then there was that post credit scene cliffhanger in which Johnny anxiously awaits his bride at the wedding, but the bride is Tully, not Kate.

“Firefly Lane” combines multiple timelines in the friendship of Tully and Kate — their high school years, college and young adult years and older years when Kate becomes a mother.

“Firefly Lane” Season 2 Part 2 arrives April 27 on Netflix.